When can children ride in the front seat

It has happened to many children that they envy those who sit in the front in the car. Years ago there were not as many advances as today in terms of road safety since there were no seat belts in the rear of the vehicle or special seats for the little ones, but you had to wait until you were a certain age until you could sit in front.

Things are changing a lot regarding road safety, everything is for an improvement in our protection but that the children love to go in the front seat, that does not change. Currently there are also a series of characteristics in the Traffic Law that must be taken into account in terms of the right time for children to sit in the front seat, that is, in the passenger seat. Do you want to know what they are?

So that a child can ride in the front seat must be over 12 years old or over 135cm tall Otherwise, a child restraint system (a specialized seat) must be used. It will only be allowed if all the rear seats are occupied, in the event that this regulation is not complied with, the agents will be able to immobilize the vehicle if they see it necessary, that is, if the minor is in front if their child restraint seat corresponds to their size and weight. They can also put a financial fine.

Also and as an added fact, it is good to point out that children under three years of age will not be able to travel in a vehicle that does not have the appropriate safety devices.

If a child is less than 135 cm tall, they will not be able to ride in the front seat Unless a child restraint system is fitted, but what about those people who are less than 135 cm tall? They would also be required to use the restraint system.

People who measure between 135 cm and 150 cm may choose an approved restraint device that is consistent with their weight and size or the conventional seat belt for adults and taller people.

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