Signs or symptoms of the evil eye in babies and children

There is a popular belief that says that a person can cast an evil eye on another, that is, a negative energy as a product of envy or enmity.

You may have always associated the evil eye with adults, however, it can also be associated with children. And it is that, they say that athe evil eye, it can also affect the health of your baby. Discover in what it is, how it affects and how to solve the problem of the evil eye in children and babies.

Although it may sound like legend or false myths, many moms and dads may become concerned about the physical or mental health of a newborn baby or a young child due to a the evil eye. This problem is directly related to the negative energy that an external person can influence the life of a baby, even making it sick.

In this way, some of the symptoms would be:

- Low defenses of the child without explanation,

- Nonsense allergies.

- I cry at all hours.

- Diarrhea.


- Loss of appetite.

- Alteration in the sleep pattern.

Although it may even sound like magic, popular belief says that bad intentions of a person with their negative or even destructive thoughts towards a baby can create this type of discomfort.

Perhaps motivated by envy, jealousy or even bad feelings towards the child's parents, these people can even get babies to get sick with a glance, at least that is how popular beliefs that point to evil eye as responsible of this type of symptoms or discomfort in the baby.

When parents are aware that their baby's ailments or discomfort are not due to physical causes but to external influence, what they can do according to popular legend is to put a red bracelet or bow on the baby's wrist to scare them away. bad energies or even perform a series of specific prayers.

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