The new fashion of decorating the Christmas tree with Halloween decorations

The new fashion of decorating the Christmas tree with Halloween decorations

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When do we put the Christmas tree? If this is the phrase most listened to in your house once the school year begins, you are in luck. Because now you can surprise the whole family with a very special proposal that is also a trend. This year we are going to bring out the Christmas tree much earlier ... for Halloween! Can you imagine the Christmas tree with a typical Halloween decoration? It is fashionable and you will find thousands of ideas on Instagram.

There is no excuse for not removing the Christmas tree early. You were looking forward to it, but no one dared say so. So now that it is a trend to decorate the tree with Halloween decorations, you can join the fashion. The instructions are simple.

The first step is to dust the Christmas tree without waiting for December to arrive. It must be done before the scariest night, before Halloween. Then you proceed to choose the right place, but you don't have to go crazy because where did you put it last Christmas? Well right there!

Wait, leave the ribbons, the reindeer, the angels and the balls in the box, it's not their time yet. This time the tree will not be a Christmas tree, it will be a tree of terror, with black and orange ribbons, with purple balls, with candies and pumpkins. And you have to increase the intensity. It's time to forget about the nativity figures, but you can also set up a Halloween scene with vampire dolls, zombies, witches and mummies.

Everything fits in this tree. From the colorful autumn leaves to the most sinister skulls. Maybe the red touch of blood if the children are not too young, the tombstones, the ghosts, the bats, the cobwebs ... and the lights! than Halloween decoration is as bright as Christmas decoration.

Have you found the spiders yet? Because they cannot be missing in the Halloween tree. And the star in the top of the tree will not be such. Try to put a felt pumpkin, a spider with its already woven web hanging or, our favorite, a beaky witch hat with a lot of glitter. Don't miss the glitter on Halloween!

What do you think of the idea? You may be wondering if the Halloween party does not motivate you much or if you think that Christmas is already presented too far in advance, but what do your children think of this fashion? They are sure to sign up for it without thinking twice. And you can already imagine the incredible family afternoon that you will spend decorating the Christmas tree with Halloween motifs.

Now that autumn is coming we are running out of ideas for family activities, what are we doing this rainy afternoon? Well, attract the good vibes and the festive spirit, Christmas, Halloween or whatever. There are already studies that confirm that Advancing the ritual of putting up the Christmas tree is one of the activities that promote the well-being of the whole family and that foster a positive attitude.

The truth is that the tree gives a different touch to the home and is a way to attract the spirit or essence of Christmas, which is nothing more than sharing family moments, sharing happiness. So what happens to anticipate that magical moment? So you will also have the most special Halloween.

The only thing you have to fear is that your living room will become the sensation of the neighborhood. Your children's friends will want to do homework at home every day, so prepare a snack, which visits and fun are guaranteed from Halloween to Christmas.

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