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How to care for the hair of girls with long hair

How to care for the hair of girls with long hair

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Children's hair is the most delicate from birth. Since they are babies, the scalp is the most delicate, so it is very important to always keep it healthy and strong. Although you need to be careful with all kinds of hairIn the case of girls who usually wear long hair, it must be extreme. To know how to preserve girls' hair, especially when it is very long, gives us the best beauty and health tips so that you are always radiant.

1. Natural shampoo. All boys should use shampoos and bath gels that are not aggressive to their scalp or skin, but in the case of girls with long manes keep in mind that there is much more hair to wash. For this reason, it is very important that shampoos do not contain chemical components that damage the skin, hair or head. This shampoo has to be used every two or three days when washing, in order to maintain hygiene and not to run out. hydration nor its natural shine.

2. Detangling conditioner. One of the fundamental problems with long hair for girls is tangles. It is quite normal that after hair washes, the hair becomes tangled, so it is advisable to use a children's conditioner in addition to the natural shampoo. This will help the hair to be combed normally and not create knots due to the length of the mane itself.

3. Suitable comb. Washing, drying and maintaining long hair is just as important as the combs that are used. Girls' hair is constantly growing, and its formation could be impaired if combs are used that part the hair at the roots or from the head to the ends. Therefore, you have to choose round combs with soft bristles that do not pull the hair, or those special and flat to brush both damp and wet hair.

4. Dryer. Although the hair can be damaged by the abusive use of the dryer, it is necessary to use it in the case of girls with long hair always with a medium power and Warm temperature. The very strong dryer damages the hair, causing it to break, weaken and lose its natural hydration. Therefore, for girls with long hair it is advisable to use a power that is not too high, and that also gives the hair air that is not excessively hot, because this also causes problems on the scalp.

5. Regular cut. Although many girls want to wear their hair the longer the better, their manes have to be cleaned from time to time. In order for hair to grow healthy, strong and stay shiny, it must be cut regularly. Every two months approximately it is necessary to touch up the tips so that they are not split and hair does not weaken.

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