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Tasks and activities to entertain children on vacation

The children's summer vacations are here and with them a new problem for parents starts: How to manage their children's free time?

The vacation period in this regard is complicated. Summer invites you to be relaxed, to play without schedules, etc. But after a certain time, there comes a time when children get bored with playing, they don't know what to do and it becomes difficult for them to think that summer lasts too long.

So that this does not happen, it is worthwhile for adults to seek activities to entertain children on vacation that allow them to enhance their skills and continue learning.

On vacation it is important to carry out activities where children can continue to develop memory, develop oral language, develop memory, stimulate their attention and develop their autonomy.

It is positive that children actively participate in the planning of these types of activities, since this way the little ones will feel that they can get more involved and that their needs and preferences are taken into account.

There is un extensive “catalog” of proposals for leisure and learning activities that can be carried out during the summer with children. There are complex ones, there are simpler ones, but the essential objective will be to keep the little ones entertained while they learn. Among them we can find:

  • That they help with domestic activities. In summer, as during the year, adults must take time to take care of housework. Therefore, and taking advantage of the fact that children are at home for vacations, instead of resorting to the TV or the Tablet while the adults do the housework, they can ask the little ones to help them in the different tasks depending on their age and abilities. This keeps them busy and gives them a feeling of being useful.
  • Cook with them. You can also involve the little ones by preparing recipes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Through this activity they discover that preparing recipes can be fun and they will appreciate food more. This activity develops your creativity.
  • Make the shopping list. Involving the child doing the comparison is another activity that they can do from a very young age and that is very complete. If the child can write, he can be in charge of making the list. If you still do not know how to do it, in the form of a collage, you can choose and cut out the products that you indicate from a brochure and then paste it on a sheet of paper. Once in the store, the child can fill the cart with the products on the list. When you get home you can help the adult put it in place.
  • Sport activities. You can go to the park to do physical activities such as running, taking bike rides, using roller skates, scooters, etc. The important thing is to do an activity that encourages physical exercise and develops motor skills.
  • Cultural activities. These types of activities help the cognitive and emotional development of children while having fun visiting exhibitions, museums, or historical places.
  • Make crafts, paint and draw. They are perfect activities for children to develop their creativity where they will also practice motor skills.
  • Read or make up stories. Listening to stories is beneficial for children, they improve their listening skills, understanding and imagination. A good way to stimulate reading will be to read texts of interest to them, therefore, you can go with them to a library and let them be free to choose what they want to read or read to you. If they prefer to play to make up stories or to change the ending of the story that has been read, it will be beneficial for the development of their oral language.
  • Play "old time" games. This activity is very simple. The moments that are dedicated to being with the children can be played games like "hangman", "chained words", "I see-I see," the movies, etc. All games in which the intellect develops.

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