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8 sweet ideas to announce the arrival of your rainbow baby

Announcing that a baby will soon join your day is an exciting moment for any couple. Usually this is the first celebration of this growing little one in a woman's tummy and news that will change mom and dad's lives forever. However, for families who have experienced previous losses, this announcement is truly sacred, not to mention emotional. Get inspired by these 8 ideas to announce the arrival of your rainbow baby, You will give goosebumps to everyone who sees it!

Many couples who are expecting a rainbow baby have a lot of doubts and, especially fears, about when and how to announce the news. 'What if everything breaks down again?', 'What if we don't communicate it until the end?', 'What if we wait for the first quarter to pass?' These feelings are normal, so the decision of when we leave it to you, but as for how, we wanted to make some suggestions. Choose the one that best suits you!

1. Paint a rainbow
If this rainbow baby isn't the first in the family, you can ask the older brother to give you a hand. For example, tell your child to dress up as a painter and draw a rainbow on a sheet with a brush. Isn't it poetic and really adorable?

2. Help yourself with music
Have you heard the lyrics to the Beatles song 'Here Comes The Sun'? It can help you to announce the good news. You can draw a rainbow on a blackboard, place the photos of your little one's first ultrasound and add part of the letter.

3. Dad and mom together
Another idea is to involve the other party. Why don't you both dress in white, and while you rub your belly, he can launch several confetti cannons? A postcard that perfectly reflects that this is a moment of complete celebration.

4. Find a special date
Take hold of the calendar and find that day that will be unforgettable. How about giving the good news on Mother's Day, for example? You may not have your baby in your arms yet, but without a doubt feeling it inside your belly makes you already a true madrassa.

5. Very sweet moment
Do you like cooking and, specifically, baking? If you and your partner spend hours and hours preparing sweet desserts, you can be inspired by them to announce your rainbow baby. Make a cake / cookies with each of the seven colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple) and place the pregnancy test in the middle. Sweet!

6. Flowers that are life
What better way to celebrate your blooming baby than with flowers? Just like pastry lovers will do, you can do the same with the different varieties of flowers on the market. And if you do not find them alive, you can throw artificial ones. It looks just as cute!

7. Savor this moment
Surely you already have some clothes for your little one, is that right? Take one of their bodysuits, booties or diapers and around it place different snacks (lacasitos or emanens) that give it this important color at this stage of your life.

8. Rainbow baby and its gender
We now tell you a lovely way to announce the pregnancy of a rainbow baby and the gender of it. Search your closet for a pink or blue dress, depending on whether it is a boy or a girl, and then create a bouquet of balloons in different shades. It's not original?

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