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11 names for girls of sporty women that are synonymous with success

11 names for girls of sporty women that are synonymous with success

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Any sports-loving moms or dads around here? If you are waiting for the arrival of your baby and you want to pay your little tribute to the figures of athletes that you admire so much, take a look at this list. We have made a small compilation of names for girls inspired by sporty women which, why not admit it, are synonymous with success.

All these names, in addition to great figures in world women's sports, are a small tribute to effort, sacrifice, perseverance, fair play, improvement… Go for the podium! Go for the gold!

If you are expecting the birth of your baby in the coming months, the most likely thing is that you are preparing thoroughly to have everything ready for when the big day arrives. You have to study a lot, arrange the house and, perhaps the most complicated thing: choose a name! This is a responsibility that will mark your little one for life.

Therefore, below we help you with the following list of names.

1. Laila
If you haven't heard of Laila Sanz, we have a question to ask you: where have you been all this time? This Spanish rider has won the trial world championship many times, to mention some of her great achievements. For that reason, and for much more, it seems like a perfect name for a baby. Laila is a name of Arabic descent whose meaning is 'beautiful'.

2. Lidia
Lidia Valentín is a Spanish athlete who competes in weightlifting. She has been champion on several occasions, so her figure could help you decide once and for all what you are going to call your baby. Also, surely you like to know that the name Lidia is of Greek origin and its meaning is 'that which comes from Lidia', this being a region of Central Asia.

3. Simone
Much has been made of the accomplishments and talents of Simone Biles, the American artistic gymnast. And all this could lead some parents to choose their name as their little one. But, in addition, we cannot help but remember other important Simones in history such as Simone de Beauvoir, who fought for equality between men and women. Simone comes from the French in its feminine version of Simon, which in turn derives from Hebrew and means 'listening'.

4. Carolina
If you are looking for a long name for a girl, Carolina is a great option. We propose it to the athlete Carolina Marín, a Spanish badminton player. His successes have been acclaimed around the world, and what remains for him to achieve! Carolina's name is of Germanic origin which translates as 'strong woman'.

5. Ana
The pilot Ana Carrasco can also inspire you to call your baby. It is a simple but powerful name that has great importance in the Bible, like Jesus' grandmother. This name has Hebrew origin and means 'beneficent, compassionate, gracious woman'.

Next, we show you some names for girls that, being inspired by sportswomen, still sound very original. If you are looking for a modern twist for your daughter's name, the following options could be the perfect one for her.

6. Katie
Have you ever heard of Katie Ledecky? His style in the water has made his name go around the world. This American swimmer, who by the way is really called Kathleen Genevieve, may inspire you to give your daughter a sweet name like Katie. This, as you may have imagined, is of Anglo-Saxon origin and translates as 'pure' or 'virginal'.

7. Diana
This time we talk about the American basketball player Diana Taurasi. Everyone has recognized his great talent and dedication to each of the teams with which he has participated. And, besides and above all, we love his name! Of Latin origin which means 'that which is illuminating, of divine and pure nature'.

8. Garbiñe
Garbiñe Muguruza has left everyone with their mouths open. This Spanish-Venezuelan tennis player has swept all competitions, even reaching number 1 in the WTA ranking. Wow! This beautiful name for a girl is of Basque origin and means 'pure' or 'clean'.

9. Marit
Do you like skiing? Then Marit, in honor of the champion skier Marit Björgen, you will love it. It is curious that the meaning of his name is 'the pearl'. If, for some reason, you are looking for a name of Nordic origin, Marit is a great option.

10. Round
Ronda Rousey has made history! She has become the first woman in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) hall of fame for being a great fighter in her modality. So much success would be fully rewarded if you put this name to your daughter. It is of Welsh origin and its meaning is 'good spear'.

11. Paola
In honor of the Mexican Olympic athlete Paola Espinosa you could choose this name for your baby. Surely you know her for being a great diver who has participated in several editions of the Olympic Games. In addition, you will like to know that Paola is a very cute name that finds its origin in Latin and that means 'the little one'. As a variant you can choose Paula, if you like it more.

Have we helped you find names for girls to your liking? Long live the sportswomen of the world!

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