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Raimundo the greedy. Children's story to reflect on greed

We propose you a little game: ask your children what greed is to them. Your responses will surely be as surprising as they are spontaneous. So that you understand what it means, we have brought youa children's story that will help you reflect on greed and its consequences. This short story for children is entitled 'Raimundo el avariento' and we have accompanied it with some reading comprehension questions and other questions that will make the whole family think. Educating in values ​​is easier if we use the right stories!

Everyone who knew him knew it; that's why it was known as Raimundo the greedy.

That day he left home very early like every day and looking distractedly at the ground he found a golden ring with diamonds. "It must be worth a fortune," he said aloud, rubbing his hands together.

- Excuse me, good man, did you find a ring by chance? - A young man asked him when he had barely walked ten steps.

Raimundo he quickly hid the ring in his pocket.

- No; I have not seen anything. Was it valuable? he asked in turn.

The young man immediately replied very saddened.

- I lost it on the way home.

- But is it valuable? Raimundo insisted, stroking the ring with his fingers inside his pocket.

- It is made of gold and diamonds, it is a unique jewel, but for me, more than the economic value has great sentimental value: It was my mother's alliance - answered the boy.

Raimundo said goodbye wishing him luck and ran home.

When he entered his bedroom he took out the ring and looked at it greedily. He tried to put it on, but it was too small for his fingers. Lay down and putting the alliance under his pillow fell asleep.

At midnight he had a very strange dream, he woke up very upset and immediately looked under his pillow; the alliance was still there.

The next day, when he went out, he thought he would take the ring with him but changed his mind for fear of losing it. He put it under his pillow, and making sure to close the front door, went out to do some shopping.

- Sorry! Yesterday I lost an alliance in this area, haven't you seen it? - Asked the same young man the day before.

- I already told you yesterday no! - He answered annoyed.

The boy apologized and kept looking.

Raimundo, unable to stop thinking about the alliance, and faced with the possibility that someone was going to rob him, nervously returned home without actually doing the shopping.

He went into the bedroom, lifted the pillow, and was relieved to see that the ring was still there.

He spent the whole day inside the house caressing the ring between his fingers; I could not stop.

The next morning, it occurred to him to sew a double pocket in the interfacing of the inside of the jacket and hid it inside.

On the way he saw the young man again looking for the ring on the ground; this time he recognized him and did not ask him.

Rayford continued on his way and began to feel very tired; It was as if he carried a large sack of dirt on his back, and then he realized: It was the ring that weighed so much! Back home he saw the young man who was still looking and asking for his alliance everywhere.

When she arrived she went into the bedroom and replaced the ring under her pillow. So several days passed. During the night he had very strange dreams that did not let him rest; during the day he carried the ring in his jacket pocket and came home exhausted from the weight; Furthermore, every morning she met the young man who was still looking for his mother's alliance.

Meanwhile, Raimundo I was losing weight ostentatiously and I already had big dark circles. On the seventh day he had such a strange and agitated dream that he jumped out of bed and left the bedroom without taking the ring; instantly began to feel better.

As he entered the room again, he began to feel nervous and to realize what was happening. He went into the bedroom, took the ring, put it in his jacket pocket, and went out into the street; He could hardly walk anymore because of what was weighing him down.

When he got to the place where he found it, left it on the ground and walked away quickly.

- I found it, I found it! - He heard the young man's jubilant voices.

Not caring that he had lost such a valuable jewel, on the way home Rayford smiled; tranquility had returned to his life.

After reading this story together, we suggest that you ask the children a series of questions; some of them based on the story to assess if he has understood the story and others that will help you to talk about his opinion and make him reflect. These are some of the questions you can ask them.

1. What did Raimundo find on the ground?

2. What did you do with the ring?

3. Was this jewel valuable?

4. What happened to you little by little?

5. What is greed to you?

6. What would you have done if you had found a ring on the ground?

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