6 unique and original games for children to learn about ecology

Just as we teach our little ones to take care of their hygiene, to live in society, to know how to eat or to learn academic content so that they know how to function in the future, we must teach them to take care of the planet. And as is already known, the best way to learn is always through play. Do you dare to help us? Since Guiainfantil.com We propose them 6 games that can be considered unique and very original for children to learn about ecology in the most fun way.

They are activities and crafts with which our children will become aware of the importance of caring for natural resources. And the challenge is for our little ones to normalize words such as recycling, environment, ecology, climate change, waste in their vocabulary ...

As parents we have the responsibility to guarantee or at least try to leave a better world for our little ones. And the planet is no longer for many jokes. At stake is our own health and the future of the human species. With the care of the environment we cannot leave for tomorrow what we can do today. Government measures and obligations are not enough, we must all pitch in and contribute our little grain of sand personally. And here, as in everything, education is what makes the way. For this reason, below we propose some very fun games to introduce children to ecology.

1. Recycle
Without a doubt, this is the beginning: teaching our children to recycle. And to make it more fun we will make our own containers. We will have to get five boxes that we will paint in colors. With finger paints we will color one orange, for organic waste; another yellow, for containers and plastics; the blue one for paper and cardboard; the green one, for glasses and bottles; and the gray one, for the rest of the garbage. And if we also ask our children to accompany us when it comes to taking out the garbage, we will be on the right track.

2. The guardians of the water
We will turn our offspring into true water detectives. Before going to sleep they should check that all the taps in the house are properly closed and they will be in charge of verifying that mom and dad quickly turn off the tap when we brush our teeth or wash anything. How they like to feel older and to be able to switch roles to be the ones who scold us! They are surely on the alert looking for our mistake.

3. Custom crafts
Important to learn the double use of objects. And, things are also what they don't seem. The little ones who want to get into ecology can start by making their own colorful worm. To do this, we will collect plastic caps from bottles and, on a piece of paper, we will glue them consecutively until we have our worm. Who dares to paint his eyes? We can also give a soda can a second life after turning it into a pencil pot, once we have decorated it to our liking.

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4. Recycled music
Inculcating ecology in children can also happen by making our own musical instruments. Jars that no longer serve can act as a drum. Plastic containers with lentils inside and sealed with adhesive tape will be our maracas. And here is my star proposal: the tambourine. We will need an empty cheese box (the round ones, for not remembering marks), electrical tape, bells (we can get them in a haberdashery) and colored cellophane papers. Are we already prepared? We put the bells in the box, which we will close well with the electrical tape. Finally, we can decorate it with cellophane to make our music shine more.

5. Nature as a toy
We will propose to our children that they choose some element of Nature that they want to be. For example, one will say that a bear, another that a lake or a tree, some a flower or a mountain ... and so on until you have enough fictional characters. Then, we will give each one a skein of wool of different colors and they will have to tie themselves with the companion of the environment with whom their chosen character relates.

Thus they will discover how the bear likes to live in the mountains, sit under the shade of the tree or drink fresh water from the lake. The yarn threads will mix creating an authentic spiderweb of colors while discovering that we all need everyone and that all the elements of the ecosystem are equally important, that there can be no imbalances in Nature.

6. Lumberjack or forest ranger?
We will play with friends in the park. Suppose there are ten participants, one will be the forest ranger and another the woodcutter, while the remaining eight will be the trees. As if it were the Pilla-pilla, everyone must run. If a participant is hit by the lumberjack, he must stay still on the site and it will be a felled tree. It will only return to the game when touched by the ranger. With this activity the children will learn about the problems of uncontrolled logging or the damage that fires do. And it is that, the forest guard must be attentive and warn their trees so that the woodcutter does not end them and their game.

Ecology lessons are acquired little by little. Everything needs your effort and perseverance, therefore, the sooner we start working with the little ones on these issues, the sooner we will be putting a stop to the problems. And remember that playing is not just for children, because respect and care for the planet is everyone's business.

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