Why Babies Should Sleep On Their Back

When my daughter was still a baby, I loved to watch her when she played with the mobiles in her crib and ended up immediately in a deep sleep. See my baby lying on her backWith her arms and legs open, she gave me a feeling of tenderness and calm, not only because of how pleasant it was to see her sleep, but also because I knew that this was the position recommended by pediatricians to avoid sudden death.

Since it was proven that the habit of sleeping on the back prevents suffocation of the baby, cases of sudden death have dropped by more than 50 percent. Still, it is known that seven out of 10,000 babies continue to die of sudden death.

To prevent sudden death while the baby sleeps, it is important that you take into account some tips:

- Get the baby used to sleeping on his back.

- Avoid pillows inside the crib. The protectors on the bars are sufficient and must be well placed and tied.

- Choose a mattress that is firm and comfortable at the same time.

- Avoid loose toys around the crib. Better those that are hung, without the possibility of the baby choking on any of them.

- Avoid excess clothing in babies.

- Avoid high temperatures in the baby's room.

- Do not allow anyone to smoke in the baby's room.

- When the baby has gastroesophageal reflux, it is advisable to raise the mattress a little so that he sleeps better and prevents him from suffocating.

It is convenient for the baby to position itself side or stomach only when awake and always under the supervision of the parents. This will help prevent deformities of the child's skull.

Turn him upside down a few times a day it will also help you achieve good spinal extension. In addition, the baby can gradually acquire the proper muscle tone to support the head and achieve other skills such as rolling over, sitting up or crawling.

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