Games for children with recycled cardboard boxes

Ideas for recycling cardboard boxes by building toys for children


You will need a cardboard house, paint red or another color for the roof, scissors to trim the windows, plus a lot of imagination and creativity. Children will love to play house building.

How about building a portable house like a computer? You will only need one carton box, scissors to trim windows, and a base with wheels to put handle the house. Do you dare?

If you want to do this cardboard house, you will only need a recycled cardboard box, scissors and fabric to make the curtains. Finally, you can paint the walls of the house in the color that children like the most.

How do you want to make your house? Depending on the size of the cardboard box you have at home, you can make a large or small house. The important thing is that the roof, windows and doors are not missing.

With a box, a spring and a few pieces of colored paper, we will have an amazing costume. The first, line the box with gold paper, then make a small hat to glue the spring, and the next thing is to decorate as you want.

We set up a very curious solar system. To do this, we recycle a cardboard box and paint it black inside and out. With plasticine, we make the planets, which are hung in their proper order, at the top of the box with a child.

Funny robot costume for which we will need a large box, a cereal box and a square box. Line them with white paper and cut out. For the buttons, use bottle caps, and for the robot arms and neck, laminated paper.

For this craft you only need a cardboard box. One for the base that can be painted black, and one for cutting out and making the eyes and mouth. Do not forget to make the holes so that our frog can swallow many balls ...

With a cardboard box you can build this fun, simple and curious slot machine, ideal for a meeting with friends or for your child's birthday party. The balls can be made from laminated paper as well as from another material.

Use cardboard boxes to make a crocodile costume. You need to have two boxes, one for the crocodile's head, with its sharp teeth and little eyes, and the other for the crocodile's chest and back. If they wish, they can also paint it.

Kids are sure to be a hit in this Rubik's Cube Costume made from a square cardboard box. Three holes are cut out, two for the arms and one for the head. Then the squares are drawn and you choose the color for each side of the cube.

With these huge wings made of cardboard, children can imagine being a bird, an airplane, or any little thing that has wings. It is drawn, then cut out, and then tied to the children's arms. Safe fun for them!

Its preparation is very simple. You will need a very long cardboard box, scissors, and a large button. A rectangle is drawn and cut out in the upper part of the box and the on / off button of the television is pasted. Very creative this craft.

Have you ever seen such rich and original flowers as these? Well, they are made of cardboard boxes. The children draw different types of flowers and then, with the help of their parents, they cut out each one and take them to the garden to decorate it.

With a cardboard box, this beautiful stroller can be made. The wheels, as well as the steering wheel of the car, are made of disposable cardboard or plastic plates, and the driver's seat is achieved by cutting a cover at the top.

Use the shoe boxes to make crafts with children. What do you think of these huge shoes for children. For this, it is enough to glue the lid to the box and then make a hole through which the children can insert their feet.

This castle is made with two boxes, a large one for the castle and a smaller one for the tower. The boxes are lined with colored paper and decorated with streamers. Don't forget the windows and its door with a drawbridge!

This cardboard castle is made from a square cardboard box. With the help of their parents, the children draw the battlements, the ramparts, the stones, the surrounding vegetation and the drawbridge. Then it is trimmed and fastened with pieces of thread.

With a cardboard box, you can create this beautiful little house or cabin. The children can collaborate both in their assembly and in the drawing of the windows, the door ... And then ask their father or mother to cut out the door so that they can enter.

Use cardboard boxes to store young children's toys. They are good tools to teach children to pick up their toys and teach them to select their belongings such as toys, shoes, balls, stuffed animals, dolls ...

A cardboard box can become a great refuge for children, and it is not always easy to disappear when playing hide and seek. With just a cardboard box, you can set up this small "cave" or "well" to hide one.

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