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Saint John's Day, June 24. Names for boys

Saint John's Day, June 24. Names for boys

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Juan is a name of Hebrew origin which means 'the merciful'. Although it comes from the biblical tradition, its use has spread to become one of the frequent names for boys. In addition to being frequent, it is a very popular name that parents and children like and that can appear either alone or in combination in compound names. Celebrate your name day June 24, which is the day of Saint John the Baptist.

For the meaning of your name, Juan has a generous personality with a clear predisposition to help others. With alert intelligence, this charismatic child becomes an entrepreneurial adult with the necessary resources to get ahead. It is also sociable and exudes a mysterious charm that is difficult to resist.

The name Juan is known in all languages ​​and its variants are all equally popular. In any of its versions, Juan is a traditional name that has the charm of simple names, but with a lot of personality.

  • In Spanish: Juan
  • In Catalan: Juan or Jan
  • In Asturian: Xuan
  • In Basque: Jon, Yon, Ion
  • In German: Hans
  • In Bosnian: Ivan
  • In Czech: Jan
  • In Scottish: Ian
  • In Lithuanian: Jonah
  • In Turkish: Yahya, Jan, Gökhan
  • In Portuguese: Joao
  • In French: Jean, Jehan or Yvan

It is worth highlighting the festivities that are celebrated in honor of San Juan in many parts of the world, from Spain to Finland, through Portugal and Argentina. On the night of June 23-24, the night lights up thanks to the bonfires of San Juan, a seasonal festival of energy renewal for the summer.

In addition to this date that is known worldwide, there are many other days on the calendar in which San Juan is celebrated. Take note of all of them!

  • January 31: Saint John Bosco, founder of the Society of Don Bosco.
  • February 4: Saint Jeanne de Valois, Duchess of Berry.
  • February 14: San Juan Bautista de la Concepción, reformer of the Trinitarian Order.
  • March 8: San Juan de Dios, founder of the Hospitallers of San Juan de Dios.
  • May 16: Saint John Nepomuceno, martyr of confession.
  • June 12: Saint John of Sahagún, Augustinian hermit.
  • August 12: Saint Juana de Chantal, co-founder of the Order of the Visitation of Our Lady.
  • August 19: Saint John Eudes, founder of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.
  • August 29: Saint John beheaded or Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist.
  • September 13: Saint John Chrysostom, Father of the Church.
  • October 9: Saint John Leonardi, founder of the Order of the Mother of God and of Propaganda Fide, reformer of the Church.
  • October 11: Saint John XXIII, The Good Pope.
  • October 23: San Juan de Capistrano, a friar known as the Saint of Europe.
  • December 4: Saint John Damascene, writer and doctor of the Church.
  • December 14: Saint John of the Cross, co-founder of the Discalced Carmelites.
  • December 17: San Juan de Mata, founder of the Order of the Holy Trinity.
  • December 27: Saint John the Evangelist.

It would be difficult to choose a few figures from among the many historical and current figures named Juan. And it is that we are facing one of the most frequent names in the whole world. We find characters with the name of Juan in all areas, from cinema to literature or music.

  • Johann Strauss, Austrian musician (1825)
  • Juan Gris, Spanish painter (1887)
  • Joan Miró, Spanish painter (1893)
  • Juan Goytisolo, Spanish writer (1931)
  • John Lennon, English musician (1944
  • Joan Manuel Serrat, Spanish singer-songwriter (1943)
  • John Kennedy, American politician (1917)
  • Sean Penn, American actor (1960)
  • John Travolta, American actor (1954)
  • Juan Bethancourt, Cuban model (1990)
  • Juan Carlos Ferrero, Spanish tennis player (1980)
  • Juan Gabriel, Mexican singer and songwriter (1950)
  • Juan Carlos I, King Emeritus of Spain (1938)
  • Juan Magán, record producer and DJ (1978)

The popularity of this name does not decrease at any time, despite its use and that is because the name is accompanied by a great force of meaning. In addition to all the famous people who proudly wear this nickname, we find a very popular story, 'Juan without fear', and an unprecedented literary work, 'Don Juan Tenorio'.

Have you never told your son the story of Juan without fear? It is an incredible story for parents to work with children that sensation that can paralyze and block them, becoming, in some cases, a serious problem for their day to day. Without a doubt, an ideal legend to encourage and help children overcome their fears.

If you are thinking of calling your baby Juan, but other names also appear in your pool and you don't know which one to decide on, from We encourage you to choose both and create, thus, a compound name with Juan.

- Name Juan before

  • Juan jose
  • Juan Federico
  • Juan Carlos
  • Juan Miguel
  • Juan Andres
  • Juan David
  • Juan Ramon
  • Juan Fernando
  • Juan Alejandro
  • Juan Darío

- Name Juan after

  • Pedro Juan
  • Patrick John
  • Luis Juan
  • Mark John
  • Carlos Juan
  • Jesus john
  • Ruben Juan
  • Sergio Juan
  • Angel Juan
  • Alfredo Juan

Numerology is the science that studies the personality and character traits of people through their name. Each letter and each consonant are assigned a number and, when adding them all, we are left with a single figure that reveals good and bad traits of that person. Do you want to know which digit corresponds to Juan's name? It's number 1, number 1! What does this mean?

Positive traits
Without a doubt, they are leaders in their group and that means that they have a great power of convocation and influence over others. Everyone will want to be with them! This power and strength that they carry innate makes them people with a lot of initiative, curious and who do not give up on anything.

Negative traits
They tend to get frustrated the first time, and they are used to everything going as they want and when they want. They hate being opposed to them, which makes them not very tolerant. They have to learn from a young age that there is nothing to lose and that good things can also be learned from mistakes, powerful lessons for life.

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