6 games to strengthen children's arms at home or in the park

Do you know of a specific game that helps strengthen the arms of the little ones in the house? That was the question they asked us a few days ago so, how could it be otherwise, we used all our ingenuity to draw up a list of the best exercises. And so, thinking and thinking, we have come across these 6 games to strengthen your arms both at home and in the park. They are so fun that even you will want to do them!

If you stop to think about it, children spend many hours a day without doing any exercise, so it doesn't hurt that we put at their disposal a series of games with which they can work on gross motor skills. In this case we are going to focus on the arms. What games are indicated to exercise this area? Here they are!

1. The wheelbarrow game
Do you remember when you were a little girl and you used to play the wheelbarrow game with your brothers or your cousins? It seems like yesterday ... Well, it's an excellent game for your children to do now and work their arm muscles. Just in case you don't remember how it works, let's give a brief description.

A child lies down on the floor with the palms of his hands resting on it and his partner carefully grasps his feet. What do they have to do now? The child who is on the floor has to walk with his hands and the other to be his support, holding his feet, which must be as stretched out as possible. Fun is assured.

2. Some very fun home bowling
If you have a bowling game at home it's time to rescue it, if not, make one where the bowling pins can be bottles of liquid yogurt and the ball a soft ball (watch the video for inspiration). You already know how to play: the ball must be thrown at a certain distance to throw the more pins the better.

What if we take this game to the street? To adapt it, use slightly heavier materials such as cans and a small hard ball. Or better yet, what if we organize a real family bowling game? Your kids won't be able to tell you no. It is an activity indicated to work the muscles of the arms, to refine aim and to be concentrated. They are all advantages!

3. A baseball and an afternoon in the park
The complete baseball game can be made with a bat included or, for younger children, it can be played just to pass the ball. As you already know, the ball used for this sport has an elongated shape which makes it suitable for catching and throwing with the hands.

From here you can do as many variations as you want, such as putting a large stone in the middle of the field and throwing the ball to see who is the closest. The arms are in continuous movement and the muscles get the reinforcement they need.

4. Volleyball for the whole family
Continuing with the list of games to strengthen the arms, it is now the turn of volleyball. It consists of making two teams and passing the ball with your hands from one field to another without it falling, going out of line or touching the net. During this game the arms are raised for a long time, so the muscles are toned. Remember, once the game is over, you have to stretch your arms and legs to avoid shoelaces as much as possible.

5. The music has stopped ... Hands up!
A simple, fun game that will put everyone's musical ingenuity to the test. The rules are very easy, a piece of music is played and it is cut in half, just at that moment when nothing is heard anymore, the participants will have to raise their arms and leave them like that until the musical notes sound again.

Watch out! If you are not attentive and you do not raise your arms in time you can be eliminated. As a complementary activity, the children can be told to guess the author of the song or even to be in charge of selecting the pieces that are going to sound during the game. What fun!

6. And for the little ones in the house ... Where is your nose?
So far we have focused on games to work arms for 'older' children, it is time to see one for the little ones. The idea is to say parts of the body aloud, when the little one hears it he will have to bring his hand to indicate that he has understood what has been said. For example, where is your nose? And the child will have to touch his nose. Where are the eyes? And the toes? An excellent activity for them to move their arms and at the same time recognize the parts of the body.

Thanks to these games strengthening your arms will be easier than ever. It's time to start!

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