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29 tukis names for boys that are surprisingly used in Venezuela

Sometimes, creativity when it comes to inventing or choosing names for children negatively exceeds the guidelines of normality. This is what happens, in my opinion, with tukis names that, although it seems surprising, they are still used in Venezuela. And, although the Venezuelan tradition when choosing names for children is based on ancestry (taking the name of the father, grandfather, etc.), today there are parents who choose a more original and modern name and even a interesting combination of both names.

In the last decade there has been a peculiar interest of choose names for boys inspired by urban trends and popular, which (usually) do not leave a positive result in this new 'creation'. In Venezuela we call them Tuki names.

The term tuki makes a direct allusion to the characteristics of a person with anarchist tendencies and an inclination towards crime, including a vulgar and little understandable vocabulary (since they cut words or give new synonyms of their own creation). In Venezuela, they are characterized by exaggerated urban-style clothing (sagging and torn pants, oversized shirts, with bright colors, sloppy or wide caps, heavy accessories, and exaggerated sports shoes) and a sloppy personal appearance.

Unfortunately this urban trend does not only go back to the 'lifestyle' of people with these popular and extravagant leanings. But in addition, it has been a symbol of inspiration for children's names in Venezuela.Which can originate from striking combinations of names, allusions to famous brands and people, or foreign names that are grammatically transformed on purpose and have no meaning.

Next I will show you several lists of some Tuki names for boys, which I recommend not to use. We start with nicknames that originate from another language, usually English.

1. Maikol / Maykol / Maicol. Where do you think all these Tuki names come from? From Michael!

2. Maikel / Maiker. These two also come from Michael, who in Spanish is Miguel.

3. Brallan / Braiyan. These come from a transformation of the name so used in the Anglo-Saxon countries Bryan.

4. Yeixon / Yeyson. It comes from Jason, a very popular name in America.

5. Yonatan / Yonaton. You must have noticed that these two Tuki names come from Jonathan.

6. Deivi. As if we were saying David's name in English.

7. Wuilyam / Wuilian / Guilliam. The name they come from is William, in Spanish Guillermo. Did you know that it is a German name?

8. Yorban / Yoldan / Joldan. All these names share the same origin: the name Jordan.

As I was saying, some Tuki names also come from historical figures or celebrities of the moment. These are some of the most used.

9. Yandel. This name is one of the most used in Venezuela. It alludes to the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer.

10. Winsin / Wisin. In honor of Yandel's partner!

11. Yanki. This name is given to the children by Daddy Yankee, the artist from Puerto Rico.

12. Hitler. This is often used as the first name.

13. Stalin. Although it seems surprising, this name is also used in Venezuela.

14. Lenin. Another name tuki that can be heard on the Venezuelan streets.

And finally, I propose you a list of Tuki names that you may ever hear. Will you use them with your babies?

15. Yonaiker

16. Anyerso

17. Yohasel

18. Solexys

19. Yorban

20. Gerson / Kherson / Yerson

21. Yeiber

22. Reison

23. Maikelson

24. Vladismir

25. Yudernis

26. Yakson

27. Aleisis

28. Mamfre

29. Wilkerman

Personally, I do not know the origin of this urban trend that is generally attributed to the people of the popular communities of Venezuela (mostly in Caracas). But I wonder ... Would you use them for your children?

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