Brillibrilli photocall for your princess party. Children's crafts

A party is less party if it doesn't have a themed photocall. Or are you not thinking of taking a thousand and one photos? That princess party that you are organizing your children for their birthday could not be less. Make a crown glitter photocall as pretty as this one! Whether at home you like to do children's crafts or not, you can prepare this essential accessory at any birthday party, because it is very easy to do.

No child who goes to your party will want to go without first taking a picture posing with this photocall crown. Are you ready to get to work? With all of you ... the materials and the step by step to get the fashion accessory for your photocall.


  • A large pink card stock
  • A large cardboard box
  • Large gold glitter eva rubber
  • Pencil
  • Ruler, scissors and glue

First of all, do you know what a photocall is? It is usually the place where celebrities pose in front of the cameras, but at birthday parties it is much more than that. It is the perfect setting for fun! And it is that you can hold on top of your heads or peek through the hole of this amazing glitter XL crown and take other photos.

On this occasion, we are going to make this craft on a smaller scale, to be able to clearly show you the procedure. But, don't panic! Because next we are going to give you the measures that you have to follow so that your photocall of brillibrilli is XXL and you can take photos all together. We started!

1. To start, you have to draw a crown on the cardboard. We have chosen a large pink card, but you can choose your favorite color or the color with which you are going to decorate your birthday party. You just have to draw a crown that has a base of 60 cm and a height of 45 cm. You can follow our model or draw the crown that you like the most.

2. The next step is to draw a hole inside. We have shaped it into a crown, but you can draw a rectangle or a square, you just have to make sure that the frame has a width of at least 5 cm to make it attractive.

3. Cut the gap that you had drawn. Once cut out you will get a template! It's already pretty, right? Well, it will be even more so.

4. Put this pink template on the cardboard and trace its shape with a pencil. Then cut it out. Do the same with the golden glitter foam. Now you should have three crowns: a rose, a cardboard and a shiny gold one.

5. Now touch join those crowns in this ordern. The cardstock template will be the base. On the cardstock, glue the cardboard template. Next, glue the eva rubber crown on top of the cardboard. Surely it has been very beautiful! Now you just need to decorate it.

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6. For decoration, you can exploit all your creativity and imagination. You can use stickers, rotus, more cardboard or foam rubber ... We have placed some yellow foam circles on the top. And then we added some pink card stock circles, but there are plenty of alternatives! You can be inspired by your favorite prince or princess.

And so, in this simple way, you have manufactured an original XL size photo frame shaped like a crown. It will become the main accessory of your home photocall. The best princess party ever!

If this XL crown is not enough for you and you want to make other equally fun accessories for your birthday photocall, keep creating! We propose them More fun props you can pose with for photos.

What do you think of these adorable drawings? You just have to print them in color and in a more or less large size. Then cut them out. Buy sticks (the ones for the ice creams could do the trick) and with a little adhesive tape, you can stick them on the back of the pictures. They look like puppets, but in reality They are very nice accessories to take photos.

Of course, you can also make your own crowns, as shown in this video.

If for some reason (which we have not yet managed to understand) you have not yet fully convinced yourself to create the brillibrilli photocall for the birthday party, here you will find some compelling reasons.

- These types of spaces are used in popular events attended by famous people and celebrities. This stage is usually placed in front of the entrance where the event is held and its purpose is that the guests pose in front of the cameras to get your best photo. And, let's be clear, sure all the guests at your birthday party are supercelebrities who deserve a photocall, right?

- Every celebration worth its salt has a photocall, because it is a VERY fun experience. From weddings to communions or baptisms.

- Making a family photocall is a good way for you to spend a great time all together, having fun. When your children see how good the photocall looks (and how brilliant it is) they won't be able to help but show it off. They will want to take a million photos and have their friends have as much fun as they do.

- In addition, children's crafts are an excellent excuse for children to improve fine psychomotrocity while they practice concentration. And they let their imaginations fly!

- After taking the photos in the photocall, you can make a lot more games with this beautiful XXL crown. You can make up stories about giant queens who have lost their favorite crown, play to get as many children as possible inside the crown, you can use it as the setting for a talent show ... You can even leave it as decoration!

Have you already decided what color you are going to make your brillibrilli photocall for the princess party you are organizing?