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Paula: origin and meaning of the name for girl Paula

Some say that it is not until you try to choose your baby's name that you realize how many people you dislike. Is it true? What is clear is that it is impossible not to be influenced by the people you know to say that a name is beautiful or ugly. The best way to be a bit more objective with names is to have as much information about them as possible. Therefore, in we are going to tell you everything related to the name for girl Paula: its meaning, its origin, its saints ... In this way it will be easier for you to choose this name or discard it directly.

Have you ever considered calling your baby Paula? If so, you should know that it is a female name of Latin origin.

Since it was first used a long time ago, this name has been evolving. These changes that it has undergone over time, mean that this name has acquired different variants in the different countries in which it is used. But, of all these variants of the girl name Paula, the root or origin from which it started is the Latin word Paulus.

If you live in a Spanish-speaking country, it is very likely that you know or have heard of a Paula. In fact, it is also very possible that Paula is a more or less young girl. And this is a name that has been gaining popularity in the last decades. In Spain, for example, it is a frequent name that always appears among the most used names.

And why is this expansion of the name? On the one hand, we have to talk about highly revered saints who are called that. But, in addition, this popularity is understood if we consider that it is a name with a great tradition and history but that, nevertheless, continues to sound modern.

To find the meaning of this name we have to dive into the Latin dictionaries. Between word and word we find that Paulus means 'small' or 'weak'. Does this mean that the Paulas are all squishy and cowardly? Not at all! There are also Paulas de armas take ...

The masculine form of Paula, although it does not seem like it, is Pablo. That is why this popular name for boys also comes from Paulus.

Do you know when is the saint of all Paulas? There are several dates destined to celebrate their birthday, however, we want to highlight January 26, as it is the most celebrated day by families who have chosen this name for their babies.

On January 26, the day of Saint Paula of Rome is celebrated, a disciple of Saint Jerome with whom she made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In honor of this figure of the Catholic Church, January 26 is the day of all the Paulas. In some families it is typical to give a small gift to these girls, but you can also give them a big hug to show them your love.

Other of the dates in which the saints of Santa Paula are celebrated:

  • February 25, in homage to Santa Paula Montal, founder of the Pious Schools of Piarists.
  • June 18, in honor of Santa Paula, a martyr who died in Malaga with Ciriaco.

Remember ... How many famous or historical figures named Paula can you think of? These are some of them.

  • Paula Jaraquemada, fought for the independence of Chile (1768)
  • Paulette Godard, American actress (1911)
  • Paula Rego, Portuguese painter (1935)
  • Paola Dominguín, Spanish model and designer (1960)
  • Paula Abdul, American singer and choreographer (1962)
  • Paola Krum, Argentine actress (1970)
  • Paula Vázquez, Spanish television presenter (1973)
  • Paula Echevarría, Spanish actress and model (1977)
  • Paola Tirados, Spanish swimmer and Olympic medalist in synchronized swimming (1980)

There are several celebrities who have liked the name Paula so much that they have decided to use it to call their children. This is the case, for example of the Spanish singer Marta Sanchez.

The number that corresponds to the girls who are called Paula according to her name is number 6. And, according to numerology, each letter corresponds to a number that, when added, we get to the number that gives some clues about that person's way of being.

In the case of number 6, it speaks of very emotional babies who they have great sensitivity. So much so, that it becomes a virtue for also a weak point. They are usually very affectionate and give a lot of affection to all those around them, although they also demand it! They generally have a great sense of justice and have a lot of empathy for the people around them. However, if we look at some of the negative traits we have to talk about too much self-demand and responsibility.

Many parents are very clear that they want to give their daughters a compound name, but they are not entirely sure what combinations they want to form. Here are some ideas for compound names that Paula uses, both as a first and middle name.

  • Paula Maria. Mary is a Hebrew name that means 'the mother of God'.
  • Paula Sofia. Sofia comes from the Greek and means 'wisdom'.
  • Paula Elena. Elena also comes from the Greek and means 'resplendent'.
  • Paula Cristina. Cristina is a Latin name that means 'follower of Christ'.
  • Ana Paula. Ana is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'pious'.
  • Andrea Paula. Andrea comes from the Greek and means 'brave'.
  • Noa Paula. Noa is a very popular name that means 'delight'.

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After giving you some ideas of compound names with Paula, we have to review the different variants that start from this name. Some of them are as popular as Paola, a name that has spread a lot in countries like Spain or Argentina. But, as a variant of this name, we can also speak of Paulina.

Regarding the variants of masculine names we find Pablo, Paulo or Paulino.

Despite not being a very long name, the Paulas have diminutives like Pau, Pa, Paulita, Pauli or Paulis.

There are Paulas in almost everyone, since it is one of those names that has spread to all corners of the planet. However, and as we have mentioned a little above, it has evolved differently depending on the language of the country in which it is used. That's what Paula says in other languages.

  • In German: Paula
  • In Catalan: Paula
  • In French: Paule, Paulette or Pauline
  • In Galician: Paula
  • In English: Paula or Pauline
  • In Italian: Paola
  • In Russian: Paulova
  • In Basque: Paula or Paule

And to finish, we propose a story that stars two dinosaurs named Héctor and Paula. If in the end you decide to call your baby Paula, she will love reading with you a story that stars a character named Paula. This story written by Antonio de Benito is called 'Héctor finds a friend' and talks about some dinosaurs who find a lost boy in the forest and take him home. Have you been wanting to know more? Read this beautiful story as a family!

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