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The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron of Mexico, so it is normal that it is a very popular name among Mexican girls. But it is not only the parents of Mexico who choose this name for their daughters, Guadalupe is very famous in all South American countries. If you are going to give your baby this special and long name, it would be good if you knew its origin, its meaning and all the curiosities that surround this name with so much history. Among the many details behind this name, they say that the girls who bear this name are usually supportive, attentive and appreciated by family and friends. Everybody wants to be next to them.

Guadalupe is a name of Arabic origin. It comes from wad-al-luben which means 'river of black stones' or 'river of love'. It is a proper name that is used for both girls and boys (much less frequently).

History has different origins for the name Guadalupe. The first is that this name comes from the Guadalupe River, in Extremadura (Spain), which gave its name to a popular Marian veneration, the Guadalupe's Virgin, and which was later taken to Mexico, where it is highly revered. Another possible origin, in this case for the Mexican invocation, would be Nahuatl, as a variation of the word coatlallope: 'the one that crushes the snake' (from coatl, 'snake', to, preposition y llope, 'crush'), with which Juan Diego would have referred to the apparition he said he had. There is a possibility that it is a coincidence, where both etymologies led to the creation of very similar words that became the same with the passage of time.

- Women named Guadalupe:

  • Guadalupe Amor, poet (1918-2000)
  • Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond "La Lupe", Cuban singer (1939-1992)
  • Guadalupe Villalobos, "Lupe Vélez", Mexican actress (1909-1944)
  • Guadalupe Marín (1895-1983), Mexican model and novelist.
  • Guadalupe Muñoz Sampedro (1896-1975), Spanish actress.
  • Guadalupe (1949), Argentine actress.
  • Guadalupe Pineda (b.1955), Mexican singer
  • Guadalupe Larriva (1956-2007), Ecuadorian activist, defense minister and deputy.
  • Guadalupe Álvarez Luchia (1984), Argentine pop singer.
  • Guadalupe Noel (1924-2009), Mexican dubbing actress.
  • Guadalupe Uribe (2001), goddess of cats.

- Men named Guadalupe:

  • Guadalupe Villa (1777-1868), Mexican politician and landowner.
  • Guadalupe Sánchez (1890-c. 1930), Mexican military man who participated in the Mexican Revolution.
  • Guadalupe Victoria (1786-1843), Mexican military and politician.
  • Guadalupe Salcedo (1924-1957), captain of a faction of the liberal guerrillas of the Eastern Plains.
  • Guadalupe Castañeda (1965), former Mexican soccer player.
  • José Guadalupe Pintor (1955), former Mexican boxer.

The story goes that the Arabic origin of the name Guadalupe has prevented it from acquiring great popularity in the Christian world.

Guadalupe celebrates her name day on December 12th, day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of Extrematura, Spain.

The diminutive or hypocoristic names are a short, abbreviated and affectionate way that is used to call children and thus avoid long names such as Guadalupe. Therefore, this name has very nice diminutives:

Lupe, Lupi, Lupita, Pita, Lupesita and Guada. From those Lupita it is the most used. There are no records of when it began to be used, but history explains that the habit of speaking in diminutive has its origin in the Nahuati language and culture, such as 'morenita', 'chiquito' or 'mijito', widely used in Mexico.

There are many curiosities related to the name Guadalupe. We tell you some:

- Guadalupe is a Mexican municipality that makes up the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, and is the second most populated in the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

- The name Guadalupe does not exist in other languages. It has been preserved over the years. There is only one variant of this name in French, which is written Guadaloupe.

- Christopher Columbus baptized the island of Guadalupe, in the French Lesser Antilles, in honor of this virgin when he discovered her on November 3, 1493.

- There are more than 21 thousand women whose name is Guadalupe, which means a percentage of 0.906% of the total population, with an average age of 54.2 years.

- There are more than 40 men whose name is Guadalupe, which means a percentage of 0.002% of the total population, with an average age of 66.0 years.

- José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández y Félix was a pro-independence soldier who changed his name to Guadalupe Victoria in honor of the Virgin and the triumph of his army over the royalists. On October 10, 1824, he became the first president of Mexico.

What do the numbers of the babies named Guadalupe say? The number 7 it is related to illusions and dreaming babies. Know their good and not so good character traits:

- Good traits: They are usually intelligent babies, with a restless mind and who do not measure effort to get what they want. They have a dreamy character, which is why they are often introspective. They like a job well done. They are lovers of tranquility and peace.

- Not so good traits: His introspective way can keep babies named Guadalupe away from the social circle. They are usually alone, and for this reason they can suffer self-esteem problems since others will tend to exclude them.

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