Medallion with roses. Crafts for kids

This medallion with rose is a beautiful jewel, a perfect children's craft to give to mom in the Mother's Day, to the grandmother for her birthday, to an older sister or cousin.

It is created with plasticine, an ideal material to work and shape with molds, rollers or with your fingers. The advantage of plasticine is that it is very easy for children to use and helps develop dexterity. With plasticine, children can carry out careful and precise work.

1. Knead the clay of each color. Form a large ball of gray clay and roll it out with the roller. Cut out a circle with the help of the glass.

2. Poke a hole in the top of the gray circle with the toothpick.

3. Make balls of green plasticine, flatten them and give them a triangular shape. Separate the leaf in two with a knife or toothpick, but without cutting the clay. Make incisions in the blade. Glue the leaves onto the locket.

4. Make small sausages out of red clay. Flatten them to form a kind of ribbon. Wrap the ribbons around the toothpick.

5. Glue the flowers onto the medallion leaves, very carefully. Place the medallion on the oven tray and cook for 15 to 30 minutes at 150ºC.

Happy Mother's Day!

Video: 3 ways to make paper medallions rosettes DIY craft tutorial. 3 способа сделать бумажные медальки (January 2022).