Value of effort and work in children

Value of effort and work in children

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Effort helps to face the challenges and goals that life entails, therefore, teaching children to make an effort and have willpower is something basic for their education. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to foster children's capacity for self-control so that they are able to withstand the efforts of life in society. Nothing better than the value of work to teach children to be efficient, responsible and disciplined people.

When children grow up without having struggled with the little everyday things, they may become mediocre adults, weak, fickle, fickle, and unable to accomplish tasks and goals.

Willpower and effort are trained day by day, but how to achieve it? gives us some ideas to instill the value of work in children:

- Instill obedience: for children to accept a series of rules and not be guided by the whims of the moment.

- Motivate children: so that the willingness to strive to achieve a certain goal arises.

- Do not impose tasks or obligations, but argue and explain them so that the child can understand why he has to do something certain, otherwise it will be more difficult for him to make an effort to do his tasks.

- Set an example: it will be much easier for children to acquire the value of effort and work if they see that their parents show willpower and tenacity in their day-to-day life, and are not all the time complaining that they have to work. Working is not bad.

- Be patient and consistent: Consistency in teaching children to make an effort is essential.

- Be firm and demand the effort of the child, not giving in to his whims.

- Give tasks appropriate to their age, their ability and possibilities trying to achieve success at the end of the process.

- Do not allow the child to abandon unfinished tasks. Make exceptions only in specific cases.

- Encourage small challenges: collections, sports or hobbies that you have to do periodically and do not let them abandon them.

- Praise their achievements whenever they have made an effort.

- Guide and teach the tasks to the children. Remember that they are not born knowing everything.

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