First Communion

Children's first communion

The First Communion It is one of the most anticipated religious celebrations for Catholic girls and boys between 7 and 12 years of age. To receive the first communion it is necessary that they have received baptism and that they have attended a catechesis course that can last one or two years, depending on where the boy or girl lives. The course is offered by the church and can be held at the child's parish or school.

In the course, children learn the values ​​and norms of the church, as well as basic prayers such as the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Creed. At the end of the course, the children will receive the sacrament of confession or penance, and thus they will be prepared to participate in the Eucharist, that is, to receive communion in mass.

For the children and their family, as well as for the church, First Communion is a reason to celebrate with the children's family and friends. In Spain, May is the month chosen by the Church for the celebration of First Communion. In some families, the First Communion is surrounded by costumes and festivities so elaborate and complicated that they come to be confused with those of a wedding celebration.

Actually, and that cannot be forgotten, this is the moment to celebrate, above all, the children's encounter with Jesus. Between the clothes, the banquet, the reminders, the gifts and other details, a First Communion can cost from 2 to 3,000 euros, on average, which is an entire salary for a family, or more.

The church calls for simplicity and moderation in the First Communion ceremony. The clothes of the first communions are traditional. Girls usually wear white dresses and boys are dressed in formal attire, be it sailor, admiral or traditional. Some churches ask for the nun costume for girls. A simple dress can cost from 100 to 300 euros depending on the fabric, the design or the decorations it has.

Between the dress or the suit, the shoes, hairstyles, and other accessories, the clothing of a boy or a girl can cost from 150 to 500 euros, or more depending on the possibilities and demand of the families, and the model of the suit. In any case, elegance and simplicity is the keynote of children's wardrobe.

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What makes the celebration of a first communion more expensive is the banquet, the food that is offered to the guests. Unlike baptism, a celebration that still maintains its intimate character, First Communion has become a social event.

After the church ceremony, a small snack or meal is usually offered to the guests as a celebration. Many families have the privilege and the alternative of doing it at home or in a place equipped for the celebration. However, families who have no other choice than to do it in a restaurant, will have to pay between 30 and 60 euros per menu / person.

It is very common in celebrations, to distribute reminder cards and / or some other detail to the guests, in which they indicate the name of the communicating boy or girl, the date and the place of the celebration. It is also common to offer gifts to children.

Gifts such as a watch, a rosary, a bible, a photo album, a gold chain, a crucifix, cameras, or a diary are the most popular. And we cannot forget the photographic report. The photos and video of the celebration are a good memory of this important day for children.

Although in some cases the celebration of First Communion goes out of tune, it must not be forgotten that the idea is that the child enjoy his faithful union with Christ. A First Communion is fruitful if it strengthens the relationship of personal friendship between the child and Jesus. As the church preaches it, First Communion is communion and sharing the attitudes of Jesus.

To give you an idea of ​​the expenses that you will have to face for the celebration of your child's first communion, we have prepared some data on the average expenses:

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