A Christmas lesson. Christmas story from Peru

If there is a very popular character among the children who write the letter to Santa Claus, that is Rodolfo the Reindeer, a reindeer with a red nose who pulls together with other companions on Santa's sleigh every December 24th.

There are many stories about Rodolfo el Reno. But have you heard this one? This Christmas Carol it comes to us from Peru.

This is the story of Rodolfo the reindeer, whom nobody loved for being so ugly, well that was what he said Renato the old reindeer, who had accompanied Santa Claus around the world for many years giving gifts.

When one of his legs bent he could no longer work and became a bitter reindeer, in a bad mood, who mistreated the herd and even the children. After being so good to them, they now teased him and even made fun of his own kind.

For example, when Rodolfo the reindeer was born, the first thing he said was: What an ugly reindeer! Haha he has a red nose, hahaha, so Santa Claus will never choose him, because most likely it will scare the children, hahaha and if a reindeer does not work with Santa Claus, why was he born hajjajajajjaja

And all the other reindeer also made fun of Rodolfo singing to him like this:

Rodolfo was a reindeer

who had a nose

red as scarlet

and of a singular shine

Lalalalalalala lalalalá

The old reindeer Renato, lived in a cabin at the North Pole, surrounded by lots of snow, almost next door to Santa Claus. Rodolfo, who also lived nearby, when he was little, watched with admiration Renato the reindeer, who was young then, leave with Santa Claus full of gifts.

Rodolfo's parents were Santa's favorite reindeer and each Christmas they would happily distribute gifts around the world. Rodolfo, as he was small, did not go with them, and they would not let him out like the other small reindeer, because as he had a red nose, his parents were ashamed of him and hid him.

But Rodolfo was mischievous and ran away, the bad thing was that when he met the old reindeer, he made fun of him, then Rodolfo ran into the forest to hide and it was there that he met other animals, which became his best friends: Fofó the horse, Fifi the sheep and Fefé the owl who knows everything and sees everything. The owl told him:

- Rodolfo, you have to be patient, others have to value us for what we are on the inside and not for what is seen on the outside. I'm sure that now that you've grown up, Santa Claus will see you and choose you without hesitation. In your eyes you see kindness, your love for children and your desire to work. You'll see that that day will come.

- I hope that time comes. It was a week before Christmas when a new animal arrived in the forest, it came from far away, it was similar to a horse but it walked slowly, it had long and upright ears, it was a donkey, a donkey shivering with cold at the north pole.

- Hi, I'm Paco, the Sabanero donkey, I'm on my way to Bethlehem. Is this right?

- Oops, you really got lost. Where do you come from? said Fifi the sheep.

- I come from the Venezuelan savannah, I am on my way to Bethlehem, to know the land where Jesus was born, since my great-great-great-great-grandfather was the famous Sabanero Burrito, the one who went Bethlehem to the birth of the child Jesus and now I, like his great-great-great Great grandson, I have started the same journey but I think I have lost myself.

- And you are alone? Asked Fofó the horse.

- Yes, nobody wanted to accompany me, said the little donkey sadly.

- Don't worry, you are no longer alone, no one can be alone at Christmas, you will stay with us until you find the right way to Bethlehem. Fifi the sheep said enthusiastically.

It was then that Rodolfo also met the burrito Paco.

The next day It was the choice of reindeer for Santa Claus, all were well bathed, combed, eaten, and even their muzzles had been washed with mint leaves found in the forest.

Rodolfo watched from afar, hidden, but ready to leave at any moment. His friends Fofó the horse, Fifi the sheep, Fefé the owl who knows everything and sees everything, and his new friend Paco, the new sabanero donkey, encouraged him to take a step forward and present himself to Santa Claus.

Meanwhile Santa was addressing the reindeer:

- As you know, every year we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, he came to earth to give us a message of peace and love, to live in harmony, with respect and affection, so to celebrate this event is that they entrusted to me that everyone the years give gifts to the children of the world who have behaved well and since I need help, I have to choose the best reindeer in the universe for each Christmas campaign. Let's start with the selection, said Santa Claus.

Let's see, stand up straight I'm going to check the legs, the neck, the tail, and the eyes, since a Christmas reindeer has to be perfect, it must be strong, be well fed since the trip is long and the The job of giving gifts is hard enough, but above all they have to show love to the children.

It was then that one of the reindeer said:

- Bah, I just like to pull the sled, I don't like children.

Santa approached him and said: Then you have nothing to do here, we are going to give a chance to those who are interested, please leave ...

And at that moment Rodolfo steeled himself, thanks to his friends who encouraged him and appeared before Santa Claus saying:

- Santa Clauss, with all the respect you deserve, here I am, my name is Rodolfo and I would very much like to work with you.

- Like this ?, hmm let me see you, hmmm you look very well fed, strong and of good size and your nose! What happened to your nose?

- This is how Santa Claus was born, with a red nose like scarlet, ask my parents, are they, your favorite reindeer.

And Santa Claus addressing them said:

- And why did they hide it all this time?

- Sorry Santa, we did not want to make fun of him.

- You should never be ashamed of a child, a child is a treasure that must be cared for, it is a gift from God, look, Rodolfo is unique with that red nose jojojo I'm sure it will be the delight of all the children in the world, jojojo.

Everyone was silent without knowing what to say until their parents said:

- If Santa is true, our son is the best thing that has happened to us, from now on he will be different, he will be our pride before all and we will never hide him again.

The other reindeer, they were thinking and they no longer laughed at Rodolfo's nose.

- I think you are a perfect reindeer for my travels, also with that red nose, I'm sure the children will adore you, you also have a clean look, welcome to the trip of Christmas gifts, jojojo.

- Thank you Santa, I will not disappoint you, but first I want to ask you a favor, I have a friend who has come from far away, he is a donkey who wants to know Belén, and has made the same route as his great-great-great-great-grandfather, Burrito Sabanero, is here, but very lost. Can we leave him in Bethlehem?

- Oh the famous Burrito Sabanero, the one who was on his way to Bethlehem to see the birth of the baby Jesus, of course, let him come, it's Christmas, jojojo. Will we leave him in Bethlehem!

Immediately, Paco the new Burrito Sabanero approached and all together enjoyed a great farewell party, there were the reindeer and Rodolfo's friends, Fofó the horse, Fofó the sheep and Fefé the owl who knows everything and sees everything.

The reindeer decided to add some verses to the song that they always sang to Rodolfo and that was how the complete song was born.

So Santa Claus with the reindeer came to every corner of the world looking for the children who had behaved well, leaving them a beautiful gift and in each home they found milk, cookies and above all a lot of love, since they saw the families gathered, praying , thanking for the Christmas dinner, thanking God for life and family, celebrating that Jesus was on his birthday and that it was worth living among all of us to leave his message to all humanity, to love and respect God and our neighbor.

Merry Christmas to everyone jojojo.

Short story written by Magda Botteri, from Tiaboots.

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