Haired moles in children, do they have to be removed?

The moles They should not worry us about aesthetic issues, but in practice we are often overwhelmed by this reason. In particular, hairy moles in children they tend to be somewhat unpleasant to look at ...

More than one father or mother will have asked the question whether or not it is appropriate to remove those little hairs. There are people who mistakenly think that their withdrawal favors malignancy. Since We are going to give you an answer to this and other false myths related to nevus, commonly known as moles.

1. Is it convenient to remove hair from moles in children?

It is neither good nor bad. You must make the decision. If you are concerned about the aesthetic effect generated, there is no problem in removing them. What is clear is that hairy moleson the surface they are usually benign and have a very low risk of malignancy.

2. Is the itching of a mole synonymous with malignancy?

Not necessarily. Itching can have very different origins, but the most common is that if the mole itches, it is because the skin around it is dry. In such a way that we advise you to apply a moisturizing cream without further ado. If the itching does not go away with this measure, consult your trusted pediatrician.

3. When the child touches a mole, is it more likely to become malignant?

Fake! Not by picking the mole with your hands, it will undergo neoplastic transformation. But even so, if we see our son fingering his nevus, we have to tell you that there is more risk of it becoming superinfected. And it is already known that children's hands are not usually as clean as they should be, and that favors infection by bacteria.

4. Can only moles that appear in photo-exposed areas be malignant?

It is not like this. In fact, some moles appear in areas that are not usually exposed to the sun, such as the soles of the feet. These regions are especially delicate, because changes in shape, size and extension often go unnoticed by parents.

Next, we want to remind you which are the warning signs in the presence of which you should consult with your pediatrician, so that a subsequent assessment can be made by a doctor specializing in dermatology:

- Asymmetry of the edges

- Poorly defined or irregular edges

- Change in coloration

- Diameter greater than 6 mm

- Elevation / ulceration of the surface

In children, special attention must also be paid to congenital melanocytic nevi (very large moles present at the time of birth), as this type of skin lesion has a higher risk of undergoing malignant transformation.

And, finally, remember the importance of carrying out a good sun protection policy. Do not forget that at any time of the year, solar radiation can have a harmful effect on your child's skin.

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