Learn step by step how to make a kite for children

Learn step by step how to make a kite for children

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Playing with role is rewarding and highly stimulating for children. With just one fold here and one there you can transform a piece of paper into many interesting figures. From a boat and a flower to a duck and a hat.

In this case, I suggest you do a comecocos your child, an ancient game for which you hardly need a sheet of paper and colored pencils. Besides being simple, it is a very cheap game.

The origami or origami technique is ideal for stimulating children's imagination and creativity, developing their manual dexterity and encouraging their attention and concentration. How to play? If you do not know it or do not remember how to play kite, I am aiming to refresh your memory and promote your knowledge.

With this video tutorial you can, parents and children, learn how to build a paper kite, that is, using the origami technique. An easy and simple craft to do with children. Teach your children to make games with their own hands.

After folding the paper and making the pacifier, the child can play with a friend who first asks him to tell him a number from 1 to 10, which will correspond to how many times he will have to move the pacifier, that is, open and close it.

The kite is kept open when the number requested by the other comes out. Next, the child must choose one of the figures they see in the fold and carry out the task defined in the game, such as imitating an animal, doing cartwheels, etc. You can also, instead of homework, paint each side a color. The color that the boy or girl chooses, will correspond to a virtue or defect such as handsome, grumpy, nice, ugly, etc.

Everything is a matter of imagination and that the children have fun. I personally loved to play with the pacifier. I used to walk around the schoolyard asking one another. It was a very popular game during recess hours. You have surely enjoyed it too. You will tell me. If you do not remember how to make a pacifier, here is a video with which you will learn step by step how this attractive game is made.

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