10 Hollywood celebrities who have become mothers after 40

10 Hollywood celebrities who have become mothers after 40

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There are many reasons why new moms decide to be one later and later. One of the most common is the 'working mom' syndrome.

They are mature mothers with a solid career behind them and they are the ones who mark the paradigm of the new motherhood that takes place after 40. The example is clear in Hollywood and is extended to the Western world. We give you a list of Hollywood celebrities who have been mothers after 40.

The figures say that the average age to have a first child is around 30 in SpainAccording to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), but already 33% of the children born in our country are children of women over 35 years of age. A challenge to the biological clock, which points to greater difficulty for pregnancy from the age of 32, according to experts, and which faces the pressure of what comes next, generally considered a path of more concerns and possible gynecological treatments.

Diane Kruge pregnant with her first child at 41, Jessica Weisz making public that she is going to be a mother for the second time at 48 or the case that has left more than one speechless, Brigitte Nielsen who went through a pregnancy with 54, are some of the latest examples of the new model of motherhood. The fact that the age of activity of the actresses has an expiration date is an unwritten law that, although in recent years it is changing thanks to the feminist awakening with which they rebel and take the reins by making a hole in the decisive positions still reign.

The mandate of the society is clear: be a mother when you get a stable job and preferably a partner. But it has a trap. Economic instability and difficulties inherent to being a woman (fewer opportunities, lower wages and a glass ceiling) determine the formula. The resulting cocktail is working women who, when they consider whether they will want to be mothers or not, are already around 40.

It is not unreasonable. There are mothers who show that you can beat the biological clock and Hollywood is a good showcase for it. Now they are the ones who decide when to become mothers. Here are some ‘celebrity’ moms who are over 40.

1. Eva Mendes: The actress and model had her first daughter, Esmeralda, in September 2014 when she was just 40 years old. Two years later, she gave birth to her second child, Amanda, also the result of her relationship with actor Ryan Gosling. By then the actress was 42 years old.

2. Julianne Moore: She decided to give her first child, Caleb, a sister in 2002, when the actress was 41 years old. Little Liv inherited the same auburn hair as her mothers and inspired a series of children's stories.

3. Salma Hayek: Valentina Paloma, the daughter of this Latin actress, was born when her mother was 41 years old. She is her first daughter, although her husband Francois Henri Pinault already had children from previous relationships.

4. Hally Berry: At the age of 41, she became a mother for the first time in 2008 and shares the paternity of little Nahla Ariela with her now ex-partner Gabriel Aubry. Several years later, after turning 48, her partner and husband Oliver Martínez announced a new pregnancy. This is how a baby arrived, who was named Maceo-Robert.

5. Susan Sarandon: One of the 'sex symbols' of Hollywood in the 70s, the actress Susan Sarandon decided on a late motherhood, going through three pregnancies: that of her daughter Eva, when she was 39 years old, and the next two, her youngest children Miles and Jack, at 43 and 46 respectively.

6. Nicole Kidman: After adopting Connor and Isabella with her ex-partner Tom Cruise, the actress gave birth to her first biological daughter at age 40 in 2008 to her current partner and husband Keith Urban. The little girl was called Sunday Rose. But it did not stop there, in 2010, at the age of 43, she had her second child, Faith Margaret, also biological, but this time gestated through a surrogacy.

7. Monica Bellucci: The Italian actress had Deva, her first daughter, when she turned 41. And the second child, Léonie, came into the family at 45 years old. Both are the result of her first marriage to fellow actor Vicent Cassel.

8. Naomi Watts: she gave birth to her second baby, Samuel, three months after turning 40. This happened in December 2008. Thus her first son, little Alexander, who was born in 2007, saw a little brother arrive. Both are the result of his relationship with Liev Schreiber.

9. Uma Thurman: Hill Bill star and Tarantino muse, had her third child after age 41. Luna was born like this in July 2012 as a result of her relationship with the French financier Arpard Busson. The actress has two previous children from her marriage to Ethan Hawke, named Maya and Levon.

10. Kim Basinger: This erotic myth of the eighties together with the actor Alec Baldwin had his only daughter Ireland when he was 43 years old in 2002.

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