The letter you should teach children who stop believing in the Three Kings

This is the letter that many parents keep secret, a letter that the Magi sent to parents and that is passed down from generation to generation ... So if you keep it, your children will be able to receive it, and also your children's children. It is the letter that explains everything, the letter that you must teach your child at the moment in which he asks you: 'Dad, mom ... I have been told that the Three Kings do not exist ... that they are parents' . This is, yes, the letter that you should teach children who stop believing in the Magi from the East.

We have all been through that moment. Everyone. There comes a year in which someone tells us ... tells us ... that the Magi do not exist. Which are actually the parents. Do you remember that moment? Do you remember who told you? Or how did you find out? Perhaps you discovered gifts carefully hidden in a loft? Or was it your older brother who 'snitched? Maybe it was at school?

Nevertheless, we all continue to believe in the illusion of the Magi and we continue to maintain that tradition. You know why? Because the illusion and the hope they are truly a powerful engine to enforce goals and dreams...

And also, yes, for this letter, for this letter that one day their Majesties the Kings of the East gave to parents and that is passed from generation to generation and that helps children to understand why parents do the work of the Magi. Perhaps it will help you to teach it to your children at that moment, in that moment in which I ask you, with wide eyes and full of fear: 'Is it true that you are the Magi? Here is the answer. This is undoubtedly the letter you should teach your child when he stops believing in the Magi:

'Dear Parents:

The Kings of the East are very old now. We have distributed gifts throughout the world for many, many years. But we can barely move, and we don't want to stop giving presents to all the children in the world. Therefore, we ask you for three favors:

1. That you help us to deposit the gifts for your children in our place. You will be in charge, on our behalf, of making your children's wishes come true. Always using your already known and applauded common sense, of course. We do not doubt that you can perfectly do this job for us.

2. Do not tell this secret to your children until they are old enough and ask. Then it will be time to show you this letter.

3. Also help parents who are sick or do not have enough money. This way, no child will be left without a gift at Christmas.

Thank you very much for your contribution. Signed: The Kings of the East '.

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