Videos of origami crafts for Halloween

Videos of origami crafts for Halloween

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You do not need to buy decorative elements for the Halloween party, you can make the decorations yourself with a little imagination and desire, and spend some fun time as a family.

We teach you to make original and terrifying paper crafts using the technique of origami and origami. They are paper crafts for Halloween. We teach you how to make a pumpkin, a skull, vampires, bats, and other scary characters.

In we teach you to create original decorations for Halloween. With several pieces of paper you can make anything from a skull to a pumpkin passing through a bat.

Paper pumpkin. Create this pumpkin at the Halloween party with the art of origami. With this video, our site wants you to learn and teach children how to make a paper pumpkin to decorate the party in a very fun way. Learn to make a paper pumpkin with your children.

Skull for Halloween. We teach you how to make a paper skull following the Japanese origami technique. A very easy craft to make and that will serve to decorate a children's Halloween party in a very original way. our site invites us to make paper figures for children's halloween.

Fangs of Dracula or vampire. We teach you how to make some Dracula fangs with the origami or origami technique, a fantastic complement to your child's vampire costume for Halloween.

Paper witch broom. Origami for children. Learn to make a paper witch school with this origami video. Origami stimulates concentration, creativity and manual skill in children. our site offers origami works for children.

Paper bat. Surprise children with this origami of a black bat special for the Halloween party. Develop their creativity, ability and concentration with this origami exercise that will serve as gifts or decorations for the Halloween party. How to make, step by step, a paper bat.

Paper Dracula. Learn how to create a Dracula with the ancient Japanese art of origami with a single paper. Decorate Halloween with this origami. our site offers origami ideas for kids.

Black paper cat. Make a black cat with this origami video for the Halloween party. Origami is a Japanese art with which through origami we will develop concentration, skill and creativity.

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