Injuries in children derived from the use of smartphones and tablets

Do you know that children who spend too much time with tablets and smartphones are developing muscle problems in hands and fingers?

Experts begin to warn of the danger of so frequent use touch screens, as it can be a problem for children in the long term. And it is that when using touch screens the muscles needed for writing are not working.

In the United States, pediatricians are already warning that children with muscle problems in the hands derived from the excessive use of technology due to the fact that many minors use unlimited touch screens. These children spend more than two hours in front of the smartphone or tablet, either playing games or watching series.

Other activities such as writing, drawing, doing crafts, which enhance the development of the muscles of the hand, something basic to be able to write well, are becoming obsolete. Homes have become technological nowadays, and children prefer to spend more time playing with mom or dad's phone than coloring a picture.

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that children should not spend more than two hours with the iPad per day and even children under the age of two should not spend any time in front of the screen. They also advise keeping these devices away from children's rooms.

Other problems related to the excessive use of technology that are already affecting children are:

- Cervical problems and back injuries.

- Childhood obesity.

- Addiction, obsession and anguish.

- Myopia and eyestrain.

Tablets and smartphones seem to be the new children's toys and those who do not have them often complain to their parents because all their friends have these devices and they are 'out of the loop'. In any case, limiting and controlling its use can help children not develop any of these injuries.

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