Personalized homemade labels for your child's school supplies

Personalized homemade labels for your child's school supplies

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At the gates of the beginning of the school year, we are presented with an endless number of tasks to be done: reviewing last year's school supplies and replacing them if they are old, covering books, evaluating what extracurricular activities the child will have, buying shoes, coats, notebooks. ..

There are so many tasks that, sometimes, the identification of your child's school supplies can take a back seat and at the last minute, you end up writing his name with a marker on the different elements. But, with little effort and, above all, with little money, we can create very beautiful and original homemade personalized labels. Your kids can participate in homework. You sign up?

1. Homemade paper and cardboard label: Take several pieces of cardboard, either from a box or corrugated cardboard. Cut them into a square or rectangle according to your taste. Glue a piece of paper on top, it will be the place where you write the child's name. To finish, make a hole with a drill and pass a tape or string. Now you just have to hang it from the child's backpack or case. If you want them not to get too bad as the course progresses, you can laminate them.

2. Personalized felt label: they are more flexible than cardboard labels and also very simple to make. Take a label template and cut out several pieces of felt to the same size, as you see in the image. Drill a corner to pass a ribbon or string and all that remains is to put the child's name. We have written it with a permanent marker but, if you have a hand, you can sew his name.

3. Plastic label to personalize the child's school supplies: you can use the ones that many airlines have available for their flights. If you have any of them, get them back. It is a type of resistant labels and will last the whole course in perfect condition.

4. Homemade label for school notebooks: Surely you have seen those beautiful printed labels many times. You can order them and stick them directly on the clothes or, make them yourself at home in a traditional and very cheap way. You only need some white office stickers. On them, you can draw or print a motif that your children like: a car, a train or some clouds. And then you just have to write the name of your child. It is a great way to identify books and notebooks in an original way and spending very little money.

5. Homemade fabric labels for school clothes: You only need a strip of fabric, one of which you can iron onto the fabric to label materials such as children's backpacks, jackets, coats or T-shirts. On them, just like you did with the stickers before, you can write their name and decorate them with a motive.

Of course, always use permanent markers since school clothes will undergo many washes and, if you do not, in the first one, they will lose their identification. Another even cheaper proposal is to take pieces of fabric from your children's old t-shirts, sew them on the clothes and label them on them.

With these cheap ideas to be able to face school expenses, we wish you ...

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