Parents' addiction to mobile phones causes great damage to children: the video that proves it

Parents' addiction to mobile phones causes great damage to children: the video that proves it

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Our dependence on mobile is such, that we often forget the basics. For example, taking care of the children. And yes, it is true that children can be very heavy. It is true that mothers and fathers need our space, a respite, a moment of disconnection. But ... to the point of ignoring our son?

A video has gone viral because it shows a terrible reality: parents hooked on mobile phones who isolate themselves completely and disregard the requests and demands of their children. As in this case, in which a mother turns a 'deaf ear' to her daughter's repeated complaints to get her to pay attention. Do not stop watching this controversial video that shows how the addiction of parents to mobile phones causes great damage to children.

The video lasts just over a minute and a half, and you can see to a little girl of about 4 or 5 years insistently demanding the attention of her mother. Her mother, by the way, doesn't even look at her. As much as the girl insists that she is cold, her mother is still watching her phone.

At one point, the mother finally asks her what is wrong ... The girl answers but she, indifferent, continues with her mobile, as if he heard nothing. After a while, tired of her daughter's complaints, she demands that she stay still in the seat.

The criticisms have come, of course. Also the doubts. Many ask if the girl will not be too 'pushy', which can make the mother, desperate, try ignoring it to see if it passes... But the vast majority only see a mother who neglects the basic needs of her daughter.

We do not know if the girl had a tantrum, if the mother was tired, if the girl only complains because she needs constant attention ... But the truth is that the image makes us face a sad reality: we are letting the years go by concentrating on our smartphone, talking to practically strangers, without attending to the really important people, who are usually close to us. Children grow up fast, and each of their years will not return. Do we really prefer to give away our time to other people?

That without counting with the example that we are giving to the children. How can we then demand that they not spend so much time connected to their smartphone if that is what they saw since they were little?

Surely this is an evil that affects practically all parents. We arrive tired from work and need to relax. The house requires more work, concentration and nerves. What do we do? Surrender to laughter, relaxation and long-distance relationships through social networks and mobile chats. The affected? Children. And if not, think ... how many times have you left a question from your child unanswered because you were concentrating on something on your mobile?

However... Are we aware of the damage this causes to our children? These are some, according to numerous experts:

1. Absent father syndrome. And who says father, says mother, of course. Parents hyperconnected to mobile, it is as if they were not. Children notice their absence and feel ignored. Experts are beginning to call this damage 'emotional neglect'. Some terrible words that make us reflect, without a doubt.

2. Wrong references. Remember that we are a reference for children. Then do not panic when at age 10 he already demands a mobile phone and spends the day in his room watching videos. Then, little by little, he will prefer that kind of long-distance relationship to the classic game with friends in the park.

3. Less self-confidence. If the father or mother constantly ignores what he says, what he tells him, because he prefers to focus on his phone, the child will feel that what he says is not important, and will end up losing his confidence in himself.

4. Low self-esteem. Lack of self-confidence will lead the child to low self-esteem that will affect him in all fields of learning and, of course, his personality. In fact, the child ignored by his parents' mobile addiction actually feels' that it is not important 'to them. Tremendous, right?

5. problems in their social skills. Children need to learn to relate to others. They practice at home, with their parents, and also with their friends. Without a doubt, ignoring them and preferring a telephone to a conversation with them does not help them at all.

6. Bad communication at home. Communication is very important in a family, especially between parents and children. It is a way of creating bonds, of establishing a healthy relationship of trust. The child tells things, the parents listen to him ... they ask him ... they answer his doubts. This is the most logical relationship, right? But what happens when this communication is broken? The child speaks, the parents do not listen ... The child asks but gets no answers. In the end, the child gets tired and stops asking and trusting his parents.

7. Emotional and behavioral problems. The feeling of 'ignored child' leads the child to face a series of emotions that he is still unable to understand and control. This causes him an anguish that he will have to grow up with. This can undoubtedly trigger attitude problems, such as tantrums, yelling, and 'bad behavior' such as a child's desperate attempt to get the attention of his parents.

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