How to make mosquito repellants for children and pregnant women

How to make mosquito repellants for children and pregnant women

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To keep mosquitoes away from the home, nothing better than some homemade repellants, made in a simple and handmade way. They are also effective repellent to prevent bites in babies, children and pregnant women.

We tell you what are the scents and plants you can use to keep mosquitoes away from home, and how to make your own lotions to prevent insect bites, including the terrible Zika mosquito and dengue, the Aedes Aegypti.

To avoid mosquito bites during pregnancy (including the mosquito that causes Zika, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito), you can use this homemade insect repellent:

1. In an amber bottle, mix 50 ml of almond oil or vegetable oil, a little alcohol and a handful of cloves.

2. Let the cloves marinate in the mixture for four days. The jar is best in a dark place.

3. During those four days, shake the mixture twice a day.

4. After these four days, you can use it. To make it more comfortable to use, pour the contents into a spray bottle. Spray arms and legs and spread the mixture well.

Remember that the effects of this mosquito repellent last three hours and that you can also apply it on the clothes you are going to use.

Babies' skin is very delicate. Don't use cloves. In your case, make a special moisturizing milk. You just have to add one teaspoon to your usual moisturizing lotion lavender oil.

You can use this mixture with your baby every 3 hours, and in this way the mosquitoes will stay away from him.

This same lotion can also be used with children.

Mosquitoes cannot stand certain smells, so you can use them to create 'mosquito repellent' candles or use them as air freshener - mosquito repellent. They are especially irritated by all these odors:

- Citronella
Mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella. Use this plant to make mosquito repellent candles.

- The nail
Take a few aromatic cloves and prick a tangerine with them. Cloves, when in contact with the acid of this citrus fruit, greatly irritate mosquitoes.

- Basil
A plant that many farmers use to protect their crops from insects. Have a basil plant nearby and insects are well away.

- Eucalyptus
Boil some eucalyptus leaves and leave a scent in your home capable of warding off all mosquitoes.

- The coffee
Mosquitoes don't like the smell of coffee. Put some coffee beans near the windows. This way the mosquitoes will not enter.

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