Essential oils prohibited during pregnancy

Not all essential oils are prohibited during the pregnancy. Some as well known as Bergamot, Cardamom, Lemon, Fine Lavender, Orange Blossom or Rose, can be used without problems.

However, there are potentially dangerous essential oils in some of the phases of pregnancy and even during the entire gestation period. Be especially careful with all of them.

There are essential oils that can be used during pregnancy but with some caution. In addition, everything will depend on the trimester of pregnancy in which you are. Some essential oils are allowed only from the fourth month of pregnancy, that is, the second trimester. For example, him Tea tree (antiseptic and antiviral) or the Lavender (antiseptic, relaxing and regenerating).

Other essences used in aromatherapy but only after the fourth month of pregnancy are the Basil, which is used to relieve nasal congestion and even to lower fever, Chamomile, which is used as a tranquilizer, the Mint, good for clearing the mind and against headaches, and ginger, which is used for digestive system problems and to soothe some joint pain.

Although aromatherapy provides innumerable benefits, it is true that there are some essential oils to avoid During pregnancy. The clearest example of essential oil to avoid is sage, which can lead to an abortion.

They are also potentially dangerous compact oregano and greek oregano (used to treat respiratory infections) and Camphor (It is used against colds and colds). In these cases, they can only be used under medical supervision.

You also have to be especially careful and avoid these essential oils as much as possible. Atlas Cedar (with properties for blood circulation), Peppermint (used against headaches), Pennyroyal, Clove or Cinnamon (with properties to improve blood circulation and improve the appearance of the skin).

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