The tasks of children with their pet according to their age

A few weeks ago the son of some friends received as a gift a pet, a puppy of a dog adopted from a animal shelter.

This made me connect with my childhood and the number of times my brothers and myself asked our parents for a mascot. I think it's something we've all asked our parents for. In my case, my parents did not grant it to us.

In asking it, several questions arose:

Are we adults really aware of the responsibility of having a pet? Do we transfer it to the little ones? Are we really prepared to take care of a pet? Do we want to take responsibility for that burden?

If you are thinking of giving your child a pet, we will tell you what should be the tasks of children with their pet according to their age.

Have an animal at home it's not a game, since it involves a lot of responsibility and time: you have to take it out for a walk, feed your pet, take care of its hygiene, maintain an ideal environment for the pet, etc. So in addition to your capacity, you will also have to assess the capacity for responsibility that your family members may have, especially if there are children.

Having a pet has many positive aspects and favors, from my point of view and experience, the development and improvement of the acquisition of habits in the child, always of course with the help and guide of an adult.

It is important that before introducing a pet at home, a family is established planning, that is, a division of tasks and care of the pet for each member of the family; adjusted to the age and the type of task and responsibility that can be assumed.

For example, if we have a dog, all family members have to have an assigned task, and it is very important that parents set an example, because we must not forget that children learn by repetition and copying guidelines from their parents. Each task will be adapted to the age of the children: one feeds him, another combs his hair, takes him to the street, etc.

I give you some guidelines so that you can ask your children to collaborate according to your age:

- Up to 3 years: the child does not differentiate a pet from a toy. At this age, the child does not participate in the care of the pet, but parents can start from the beginning in trying to teach respect for the animal, despite the fact that by level of development the child will come to understand the sense of respect years later .

- Between 3 and 6 years: the child can help in carrying out simple tasks And always under the help and supervision of an adult, for example, you can help clean and fill the water bowl and the food bowl or you can throw a toy for the pet to run.

- With 6 years: children begin to think that animals can feel pain and can understand the indications of how to treat an animal with respect and without hurting it. In fact, according to many experts, this is the right age for children to start having a pet.

- Between 6 and 10 years: the child can take over more tasks related to the animal such as continuing to help fill the water bowl and the feeder, give the pet a treat, play with the pet, prepare homemade toys for the house pet, picking up its toys, etc., keeping in mind that you must continue to monitor the interactions between the pet and the child.

- It is from 10 years when, according to experts, children can take responsibility for the care of their pets and can participate in tasks of more responsibility such as feed it, take a small or medium dog for a walk (and always in the company of an adult), help to bathe it, clean the cat's litter box, brush the animal, participate in training sessions, etc. However, we must not forget that, although the child is responsible for carrying out a certain task, it is essential that a adult check daily if the pet's needs are met. Also some tasks, such as the administration of some medicines or taking a dog for a walk considered potentially dangerous by law, can only be done by an adult.

In this way, all members of the family acquire the commitment of caring for the pet, and we are aware that the pet depends on us and that it is not only for dead or leisure moments.

Please take this into account before adopting or buying any pet.

Ultimately, the important thing is to enjoy your pet and lead a normal life with it: go out, travel with it, play, etc. above all, DO NOT abandon it.

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