37 phrases of sincerity to educate children in values

37 phrases of sincerity to educate children in values

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Sincerity is one of the essential values that we can teach our children from a very young age. The moment we catch our son telling some 'little lie', it is time to explain to them why it is better to always be honest.

The example of parents is the best way to educate children in values, but we can also reflect with them using stories, fables or famous quotes. Here you have up to 37 phrases of sincerity to educate children in values.

  1. 'When pure sincerity is born and lies within a person, it is projected towards the hearts of other people '(Lao Tzu).
  2. "Sincerity does not oblige you to say everything, but what you say is what you think" (Ángel Ganivet).
  3. 'Every man is sincere alone; as soon as a second person appears, hypocrisy begins' (Emerson).
  4. 'Better than with words, sincerity is shown with actions' (William Shakespeare).
  5. 'Sincerity is not saying everything you think, but feeling everything you say' (Rick Godwin).
  6. 'Words go to the heart, when they have come from the heart' (Rabindranath Tagore)
  7. 'Sincerity is the root of all virtues' (John Ruskin)
  8. 'Sincerity and truth are the foundations of all virtue' (Confucius).
  9. 'It is not in my nature to hide anything. I cannot close my lips when I have opened my heart '(Charles Dickens).
  10. 'A friend does not judge you, he only understands your processes and sincerely encourages you to accept your mistake' (Pedro Pantoja Santiago).
  11. 'The tongue of the sincere is born from his heart. Hypocrisy and deception have no place in his words' (Robert Dodsley).
  12. 'I can promise to be sincere, but not impartial' (Goethe).
  13. 'Living things with the emotion that each event that has happened to me, I have shown my sincerity and I have shown my honesty towards life, I think that is what satisfies me the most at this point and what has impacted me the most' (Pablo Milanés).
  14. 'You will be able to speak well if your language can deliver the message of your heart' (John Ford).
  15. 'Be sincere, even if the truth is inconvenient, because it is more inconvenient when you try to hide it '(Bertrand Russel).
  16. 'Sincerity can be humble but it cannot be slavish' (Lord Byron).
  17. 'There is no greater relief than starting to be who you are' (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
  18. 'In an age of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act' (George Orwell).
  19. 'Where there is the greatest sincerity, there lies the greatest humility; and where there is less truth, there is greater pride '(Asen Nicholson).
  20. "When need takes sincere words from us, the mask falls and man appears" (Lucrecio).
  21. 'Stay away from contempt and admiration, because both go hand in hand, alternating. Get closer to sincerity, even if it hurts' (Melita Ruiz).
  22. 'The pain of those who cry in secret is sincere' (Marcial).
  23. 'The main qualities that determine the perfect human being are patience, generosity, humility, courtesy, detachment, good character and sincerity' (Joseph Murphy).
  24. 'Sincerity makes the least thoughtful person more valuable than the most talented hypocrite' (Charles Spurgeon).
  25. 'The truth can be overshadowed but not extinguished' (Tito Livio).
  26. 'To be sincere is to be powerful: she is naked, the star shines' (Rubén Darío).
  27. 'One way to earn a good reputation is to dedicate yourself to being what you want to appear' (Socrates).
  28. 'He who has learned the truth in the morning can already sleep in the afternoon' (Confuncio).
  29. 'Don't be ashamed of any question, if it's sincere. Generally, the answers are the most worthy of shame '(Mario Benedetti).
  30. 'The secret of success is sincerity' (Jean Giraudoux).
  31. 'I don't need friends who change when I change and agree when I agree. My shadow does it much better '(Plutarco).
  32. 'Weak people cannot be sincere' (François de La Rochefocauld).
  33. 'The things we say when the spirit is angry are always more sincere than when it is calm' (Cicero).
  34. 'Sincerity gives wings to power' (Latin proverb).
  35. 'You will not be able to move other hearts if nothing comes out of your heart' (Goethe).
  36. 'Good human qualities, honesty, sincerity and a good heartThey cannot be bought with money nor can they be produced by machines, but by the mind itself '(Dalai Lama).
  37. 'Thirteen virtues are necessary for true success: temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industriousness, sincerity, justice, moderation, neatness, tranquility, chastity and humility' (Benjamin Franklin).

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