The fly locked up. Funny poem for kids

The fly locked up. Funny poem for kids

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Children's poems are a perfect resource to introduce children, not only to the wonderful world of reading, but also to reading poetry.

They will not see it as something strange, distant or unattractive if from a young age we show them that poetry can give them great moments. East funny poem for children: The fly trapped, it is perfect for attracting children to poetry.

What happened to a fly that got into a washing machine? It seems like a joke, but no, it is a funny children's poem so that we can read aloud with our children and instill in them a passion for poetry.

A fly was circling

inside a washing machine,

she got there clueless

not knowing how to get out now.

Wanting to escape from there

started asking for help

and his cries he heard

the home dog.

The dog barked so loud

that a lady approached

and I set the fly free

opening the washing machine.

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