Light and baby's eye development during pregnancy

We all know that the sunlight It is a natural remedy, food and source of energy for our body and it is also free. Now it is also known that it is a very important resource for the normal development of the baby's eye, during pregnancy. That's what a study published in the journal Nature revealed. Scientists demonstrate the positive effects of light on the baby's vision.

We will tell you how the light on the baby's development during pregnancy.

The research, developed by scientists from the Children's Medical Center of the Cincinnati Hospital and the University of California (United States), makes it possible to know how the retina develops and what are the effects of light on the vascular development of the baby's eye. It also makes it easier to understand the occurrence of eye diseases caused by vascular disorders, in particular the so-called retinopathy of prematurity which can cause blind premature babies.

Scientists have discovered that light influences the development of the baby's eye during pregnancy and that for a normal development of the baby's eye it is necessary for the mother to sunbathe. They explain that exposure to natural light during pregnancy is crucial as photons from light activate a protein called melanopsin directly in the fetus, not in the mother, to help the normal development of blood vessels and neurons in the retina in your eye.

Exposure to light also helps suppress the number of blood vessels that are formed in the retina, which are critical for retinal neurons, which require large amounts of oxygen to form and function. When retinopathy of the premature occurs in babies, the retinal vessels grow almost uncontrollably and this continuous expansion puts intense pressure on the development of the eye and in extreme cases causes severe damage and blindness.

So if you are pregnant, do not forget to sunbathe, although it never hurts to protect your skin with a highly protective sunscreen to avoid burns and Sunspots which are very common during pregnancy.

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