Children's Stories. Micaela and the fairy of obedience

Children's Stories. Micaela and the fairy of obedience

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One of the demands that parents make of their children is that they be obedient. For all the teachings that we can transmit to them to be effective and relevant, from the values ​​to knowing where the danger is, they must listen to us and pay attention to us.

This children's tale Micaela and the fairy of obedience, is a beautiful story sent by a reader of our site that tries to explain to children through fantasy what obedience means.

This is the country of stories. Today Micaela has come here looking for something, what will it be?

- Hi, I'm Micaela!

- Hello, replied the Golden Shine mouse, while pointing in his notebook with his large golden pencil.

- What are you doing? - Micaela asked curiously, approaching the mouse.

- I have to register all the visitors. You are visitor number 3.

- Number 3? I thought that many boys and girls from all over the world came here.

- You're right, actually that's my favorite number, hee hee hee, laughed Gold Glitter.

- And what are you doing around here? This is a very distant place.

- Mom sent me, I'm looking for the Fairy of Obedience, I need to talk to her.

- Well today is your lucky day, I'll take you - said Golden Shine.

This is how together they undertook the journey. They climbed on clouds that transported them through the sky and during the journey they took different forms, they were beautiful!

Then they went down near a river with crystal clear waters, they climbed on a eucalyptus leaf, they got carried away by the waters to the next shore, it was all very fun! At the end of the road there was a very tiny castle, and Golden Shine said:

- Here it is, we are here, I can enter because I am small, but you need to go through the test of humility.

- How is that? - Micaela asked.

- Just stand in front of the door and if your heart has the feeling of humility inside you will make yourself small and you will be able to enter.

"What if it doesn't work? I'm afraid of Golden Shine," Micaela said.

- Don't worry, you're a good girl. Everything will be fine. Then Micaela stood in front of the door of the small castle and suddenly, as if by magic, she became so small that she could easily enter.

"Good, we're already inside," Micaela was delighted, "we're going to find the Obedience fairy, mouse friend." In the middle of a large altar was the Fairy, with a beautiful smile.

"Hello, Micaela, what brings you here?" Asked the Fairy.

- How are you, Mrs. Hada? I need to know the secret of obedience, because I am finding it difficult to be obedient to Mom. - It's easy, dear friend. Do you remember the clouds that brought you and the river that you sailed on here? Well to be obedient is to be like the passing clouds adopting the shape that the wind gives them, they are beautiful and can easily go anywhere.

Also to be obedient is to be like the water that flows, that runs down and reaches the ocean. He who is obedient has an advantage before God, it is not an easy task but it will help you a lot to listen and accept the opinions of others.

Then he gave Micaela a hug and went out the window. Micaela was in her room in the blink of an eye. That day he had learned a lot.


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