The importance of traveling with children

The importance of traveling with children

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Traveling opens the mind, traveling you know new things, you know yourself and above all you know your children in other contexts and in other registers.

How many times have we heard similar phrases from family and friends about what a trip brings them, about what they learned, what they saw, the people they treated and met, how they communicated and the different feelings they had on a trip.

We tell you why it is important to travel with children.

He who travels does not return the same! This could summarize what it implies for the learning, knowledge and self-knowledge in any trip we make during our life. Whether for leisure, study, work, etc., all trips will give us a new vision of wherever we go. And above all it awakens in each of us a very interesting sensitivity to what is different to what is different.

There are many reasons and ways to travel, when we are adults most trips belong to the intellectual plane, we look for something that we arouses curiosity, in many occasions related to any type of art, or personal interest.
If we go back to the perspective of children, we can remember how we lived the trips that we made as a family, many times they were adventure.

Every day something different happened. We absorbed images, information, spaces and places without any measure. Even the most boring trips could be fantastic just by using your imagination.

If we are able to remember, we can see that much of the current knowledge we possess is acquired from travels made at an early age and in youth.
We all have a comment, some certainty acquired on a trip, about history, customs, folklore, art, gastronomy or circumstances of a city or country that do not appear in the books.

Is a Autonomous LearningIt is not found in books, it is not learned in schools, it comes quickly and is maintained over time in an almost indelible way.
It is the experience of traveling itself that enriches us as people, and shapes us, not only culturally, but also shapes our character, and strengthens our autonomy and self-esteem.

As a pedagogue and educational coach, my recommendation for all parents is that you travel with your children, that you show them different places and cultures, that they face situations in other languages that they have to resolve, with the healthy intention of putting inside the flame of the traveler, to awaken the restlessness of knowing and traveling. It will make them more cultured, wise, autonomous, independent, secure and, of course, much more interesting.

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