The third birth

It is not very normal in these times of crisis to have more than two children, even for many couples, one child is the ideal number, either for economic, logistical or physical reasons. And here I am, pregnant with me Third son and defying statistics.

In the final stretch of my pregnancy, one of the things that worries me the most is the moment of giving birth, some call it tocophobia, which is nothing other than the fear of childbirth.

During the prepartum classes in my first pregnancy, the midwife explained all about the birthing process for both primiparous and multiparous women. She reported that the first labor tends to develop slowly, the time that the dilation lasts can be very long and it can take hours and even more than a day to complete the entire labor, from the beginning of the contractions until the delivery occurs. of the placenta.

The second birth, however, usually sped up quite a bit even by cutting time in half. If for a first child labor lasted 24 hours, for the second the time can be considerably reduced. Both the dilation time and the expulsive time are usually faster. But, What happens in the third delivery?

The midwife explained to me that the third birth slows down again and becomes slow and delayed again. This, however, is not a rule. Each woman is different, just as some suffer tremendous pain, others hardly notice contractions and have very simple deliveries. In my case, the rule was fulfilled: first slow and long labor, second labor much faster and here I am, waiting for the third.

The third birth can be a surprise, what the experts do agree is that it is likely that the expected delivery date will be ahead, especially if the previous deliveries were vaginal, since it is more difficult for the cervix to remain closed until the end of gestation.

How was your experience in your deliveries? Were the seconds faster or successive? Tell us your story.

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