What to do if your child fails several subjects

The course is ending and the time comes when the children take their grades home. These will indicate how the development, evolution and effort of the children have been during the year at school. What to do if your child has failed several subjects?How to deal with this academic failure?

Parents believe that the results shown in the notes are a surefire indicator of where children are heading in school. Due to this, when the parents find that the grades that the children bring are bad, feelings of worry, disappointment, anger and fear arise in both adults and children. The drama at home is served.

The grades are much more than a grade, much more than something quantitative. When these are bad, they indicate that something may not be right and give the signal to adults to look for the real problem and to find a solution. When the grades are not quite good it can be for different reasons:

  • Something emotional happens. The child may be worried or sad about something. What causes him to have concentration problems and reduce his performance.
  • Has difficulty learning. The child spends a lot of time studying but gets the expected results.
  • Don't know what effort is. The little one is so used to getting everything effortlessly that he doesn't understand the need to do it when studying. They will solve it for you.
  • Does not know how to study. He does not have any study habits, nor does he know the strategies that can allow him to learn to learn.
  • Lacks motivation. Therefore, it is not interested.

When the notes that come home are bad, parents often do not know how to react. Drastic responses are not efficient, they do not work. The decisions that are made must be accompanied by calm, security and confidence. To do this, adults can follow some simple rules:

  • Use calm. Yelling and getting angry is not going to solve anything. Nor will you be passive about the problem. So, the best thing to do is to control yourself at first and talk to the child a little while later.
  • That the child be responsible. Faced with poor grades, parents have to try to hold their children responsible for their failures. Placing the suspensions on luck or the "teacher has a mania" does not help. They must know how to recognize that bad results are due to little effort shown.
  • "Stop dramas". There are parents who adopt a depressive attitude when faced with the suspensions of their children. The problem must be relativized. Encourage and help the child to cope with the problem.
  • No punishments, but consequences. Failure has consequences and the child has to know it before failures appear. They will be a better solution than punishment for revenge. Knowing that there will be consequences makes the little ones more responsible and efficient at school.
  • Help them stay motivated. The child's motivation does not depend entirely on his parents, but they can stimulate it.
  • Help them study. A realistic work plan can be made together with them in terms of the number of hours is study and the effort can be rewarded in some way.
  • Holidays are not canceled. It is not necessary to run out of vacations because there have been suspensions. If it must be taken into account that time will be distributed in another way and that he will not do all the things that he wants because he will have to dedicate time to study.

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