20 newborn bath mistakes to avoid

20 newborn bath mistakes to avoid

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Understanding a newborn takes time. There are many needs that it demands, but there are not impossible ones and, with a little skill, intuition and care, we can succeed until they become super parents to the test of everything.

One of the main fears that we face with the newborn is when it comes to bath time, especially the first few days. It is normal to make some mistakes in the beginning, especially among new parents. Here you have some of the mistakes with the newborn bath that you should avoid.

When it's time to take a bath, sometimes insecurity invades us (maybe for being first timers). We don't want to make mistakes, and they get on our nerves. But with love, tenderness, caution and patience we dispel those fears. We must follow a series of steps to avoid stumbles in this routine and thus avoid making mistakes. Bath time should be a time for relaxation and sharing with the baby. Here are the main mistakes to avoid:

1. Leave the baby alone
The newborn should never be neglected for a second, both in bed and in the bathtub, because it could suffer an accident. It is a matter of a second.

2. Not controlling the water temperature
Don't forget to measure the temperature of the water, as it could be either very cold or very hot. We must remember that the baby's skin is much more sensitive to changes in temperature. The correct water temperature for bathing is between 36.5 and 37 ° C.

3. Too many chemicals
Use hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, talcum powder, cologne, creams, as they can cause allergies or alter the pH of the skin, irritating your little body. Remember to use only neutral soap.

4. Drafts
Leaving the windows open or allowing drafts to cool the baby is a very common mistake that you can avoid with a little caution.

5. Not having things at hand
Not having available the items that we are going to use including (clothes, towels, diapers, etc ...) at the time of the bath

6. Do not dry it completely
Another big mistake is that of incompletely drying the baby's body, we must make sure that there is no moisture between the folds.

7. Do not bathe until the navel falls off
Do not wait to give your baby the first bath until the belly button falls off. It varies according to the cultures, but the normal thing is a daily bath to provide hygiene and comfort to the newborn.

8. Forgetting to wash the tub
We must wash it before and after bathing the baby.

9. Do not use the bathtub
Bathing the child outside the bathtub, on a surface where the baby is not in the water, is another of the basic mistakes. The newborn gets cold easily, it could give him a cold.

10. Too long
The baths at the beginning must be very fast. There is no hard and fast rule, but if you give your newborn a lot of time, the water could get cold.

11. Bathe him in the bathtub with his dirty 'ass'
The diaper area should be cleaned before putting it in the water.

12. Do not hold the baby firmly while bathing
You must hold the baby firmly or else it can slip easily and cause an accident. In addition, in this way you provide security to the little one.

13. Caring for the cord before bathing
The umbilical cord cure should be postponed after bathing.

14. Not following a logical order
Do not forget to follow an order when bathing: wash the head, face, body and last genitals.

15. Not being careful with the navel
Remember that you should not rub the umbilical cord while taking a bath. You could hurt the newborn.

16. Letting yourself be overwhelmed by the child's crying
Never, never lose your temper. If your baby cries, try to calm him down. If you don't succeed, end the bath as soon as possible.

17. An improper baby position
Placing the baby in inappropriate positions in the bathtub, causing him to slip, is another of the most common mistakes. You should also avoid getting soap in his eyes. You should always watch his neck and head.

18. Excessive rubbing of the skin
Rubbing the baby's skin too much could cause damage. Let's not forget that newborn skin is very sensitive.

19. Using cotton buds with your ears
Swabs or swabs should not be used to clean or dry the ears. Never put them in the baby's ear.

20. Soap on the face
You should not apply soap to the baby's face.

It is very important for you and your baby, at bath time:

- Enjoy the opportunity you have with your baby, in every touch, every touch and every word.

- Do not forget to immortalize those magical moments, take advantage of taking a photo !!

- Try to create a schedule and routine for the time of the shower so you create discipline and this process will be easier for you.

- Provide comfort and well-being during and after bathing, this will help you to be relaxed, sleep better and adapt to the environment.

- Use cotton towels to dry your body, usually another is used for the face and head.

- Carry out our hand washing before bathing the baby.

- Avoid hypothermia by being careful.

- As the weeks and months go by, you can add special oils to the water.

- Giving a massage after a shower or bath will promote their well-being and is an excellent way to communicate with our children, making them feel safe and loved.

The most important thing is to create a calm environment, take advantage of the contact with the newborn to smile and talk to the baby. This way you will be calmer and provide you with security. When your baby grows up the bath will become one of the funniest moments.

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