My grandparents. Children's poem dedicated to grandparents and grandmothers

Poetry allows children to delve into their emotions and thoughts. It allows them to put their feelings into words and helps them understand them.

This poem, My grandparents, speaks in a few verses about the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. A precious children's poem dedicated to grandparents and grandmothers, those beings so dear and so special that our childhood would not have been the same without them.

My grandfather carries a cane

and false teeth.

My grandmother wears a bow

and ash-colored hair.

They are going to pick me up at school

both at the same time shake me.

They tell me many stories

and they put money in my piggy bank.

When my parents are not there

I always stay with them,

they take care of me, they read me stories

and caress my hair.

Grandparents, how much I love you!

Poetry sometimes more than understanding it you have to feel it, but for this it is necessary to read in depth. So that your children can carry out this learning, you can ask them these questions about the poem My grandparents:

- Who is this poem about?

- How do you feel about your grandparents?

- Do you remember a fun time with them?

- Tell me something that your grandfather or grandmother taught you.

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