Ragged Bear - Children's New Friend

The whole family has a new friend in the Ragged Bear. Discover everything that Traposo can offer you and your children through its videos of riddles and songs. Like every baby that is wanted and loved, Traposo was conceived with great enthusiasm, and just being born already attracted the attention and interest of the children. Traposo is cute and funny at the same time. You have come to the world of our site to amaze children and the whole family.

Although Traposo's pregnancy was almost instantaneous, our bear was born with very special shapes, measurements and abilities. Rag talks, sings, laughs, tells stories, jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, and makes very nice and attractive noises.

With Traposo, children can, in a very comfortable way, learn to add, pronounce the alphabet and speak English, through songs and children's stories. Traposo comes to add more entertainment and fun to the resources we already have for children, as well as for parents in their committed and responsible mission of educating and caring for children.

Who has not had a rag bear ever? Surely more than one child has had the opportunity to cuddle a bear and make honey with its warm touch and tenderness. After all, the bear is the favorite stuffed animal for most children and not so young. Betting on this, the figure of the bear has been our inspiration when it comes to idealizing, creating, making and 'giving birth' to a pet. Is named Raggedand is the first child of

When you really want to clap. Childish song. Here you will find a beautiful version of the song When you really want to clap, a children's song with a lot of movement, optimistic and ideal for dancing with the little ones. Enjoy the hand of our beloved pet, the Ragged Bear, and dance and sing this fun song with your child.

Song to say good morning. Sunny sun. We offer you a beautiful version of 'Sol solecito', a very popular children's song in nurseries, kindergartens and Early Childhood Education Centers. With this song the children learn the days of the week and say good morning to each day they begin. A fun and educational song for children.

Happy birthday to the rhythm of samba with Traposo. Sing and dance the traditional Happy Birthday song to the rhythm of samba with the funny and tender Ragged Bear, our site's mascot. Congratulate the birthday of the little ones and make their day special. Congratulate on birthday and have a birthday party

Five ducklings. Song for young children. Here is the song Five Ducklings for your child. Song of Five Ducklings with Ragged Bear for children. It is a didactic children's song, since it teaches the little ones to count. Enjoy with your child this version of the song Five ducklings and encourage him to count.

To save, to save. Song to educate children. Children's song To save to save to sing and dance with the children. Song of To keep, to keep, with Ragged bear. This song is great for teaching children to be more organized. Song in the form of a video and the Rag Bear animation to sing with the little ones in the house.

With my little finger. Children's song with Rag. Enjoy with your child the song 'Con mi dedito' with the Traposo bear. It is a popular fun and educational song, ideal for the little ones in the house. Improve your child's mobility of fingers and feet thanks to this song from 'Con mi dedito'. It is great for improving fine motor skills.

Song to learn. The numbers. We offer you the song of The numbers with our mascot, the Ragged bear. It is an ideal children's song to teach the little ones about numbers. Teach your child the numbers with this lively song. Didactic and fun children's songs to sing with children.

Below a button. Sing and dance to the traditional song under a button. Jokes, riddles, stories, English classes and lots of fun for children from the hand of the cute Traposo bear.

A song for children. An elephant swayed. On our site we suggest you sing the song An Elephant Swayed with Rag Bear. Sing with the children the nursery rhyme of an elephant, music helps to develop the stimuli of the baby. If you don't know it, here is the letter of an elephant swaying

I have a milk cow. Song for children. Sing with Rag the traditional songs for children: I have a dairy cow Songs for children, music, entertainment, leisure for children. Have fun singing with the little ones traditional and popular songs of a lifetime

Song for children. Five little wolves. If you don't know it, here are the lyrics to the song Cinco lobitos. The Ragged Bear sings with the children the nursery rhyme of five wolves, a good way to develop the stimuli of the baby.

Head, shoulders, knees, toes. Song in English for children. Sing and dance with the Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes children, and have fun memorizing some words in English. Learn parts of the body in English by playing and singing children's songs. Jokes, riddles, stories, English classes and lots of fun for children

Noah's ark. Song for children. Sing and dance with the Ragged Bear the funny song Noah's Ark: 'there was the crocodile, and the orangutan, two little snakes and the golden eagle ...' If you want to sing it, here you also have the lyrics of the song of the ark of Noah

The song Let it rain, let it rain. Let it rain, let it rain Don't you know this song? Here are the lyrics to the song Let it rain. Sing and dance with the Traposo bear the popular children's song 'Let it rain, let it rain the virgin of the cave'. Learn by playing.

I have a doll dressed in blue. Song with Rag. I have a doll dressed in blue, help to learn to add, easy addition children singing. Guiainfanti.coml presents you with the Ragged Bear the best songs for children.

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