The role of the stepmother in the family

The role of the stepmother in the family

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Dialogue, patience and above all maturity and understanding are some of the keys so that the relationship with your partner's children is better every day.

Being a stepmother today is a challenge that many women take on knowing all the obstacles they will have to overcome: rebellion, rejection, and the dreaded phrase 'leave me, you're not my mother'. We talk about role of the stepmother in the family.

Although the term stepmother is, to begin with, horrible for having been used so pejorative Throughout history, today we speak of stepmothers no longer like those bad mothers, those terrible and destructive figures, but of those women who take in and take care of children as a result of a previous marriage of their current partners.

Being a stepmother means accepting, welcoming, caring, loving, pampering, but also setting rules and limits ... to someone else's children as if they were your own. For the child, the incorporation of a new partner of his father implies the certainty that father and mother will no longer reconcile, that they will not be the family they were again and that, sometimes not easy to assume nor to accept, so they are elusive, rebellious and oppositional.

Putting yourself in the child's shoes and understanding that the situation is not easy for them either, helps a lot to reduce the initial tensions that may arise. Adopt a mature posture, active listening, self-control and, above all, do not fall for provocations that many children do to try to drive out the intruder who has entered their lives with their father, are key to facing the usual problems that arise in the relationship with your partner's children.

Rebellion, rejection or jealousy are some of the most common problems to deal with, but understanding that these behaviors are only signs of a very deep fear that the child feels Faced with the new situation, it can help us relax and understand that our mission, together with his father, is to provide him with security and understanding.

Understanding, sincerity, patience and mutual trust are key in any type of relationship. So that everything flows correctly the role of the father is fundamental and both must go to one, as in any other type of family, we must dialogue, explain the fears, expectations, frustrations, find points of agreement to educate in the best way those children who need us so much.

The role of the biological mother And the relationship you establish with her will also play a fundamental role. Never criticize her, never question her authority in front of children and try to maintain a cordial relationship with her if possible. It is not that you have to be friends but you can talk in a calm and calm way. The goal is the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the children and that should be above any kind of resentment or resentment.

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