Most common mistakes when eating children

What mistakes do parents make at the table, when it comes to eating? has spoken with the psychologist Silvia Alava about the main mistakes parents and children make when we get together to eat.

Is it advisable to resort to games for children to eat? Should you eat while watching television? What habits are the most appropriate and which are not at lunchtime, dinner, etc ...?

Why should parents turn off the television at mealtime? This is a very common habit at home when it comes to eating. Many parents turn to television as the only way for their children to eat, but that is a wrong habit.

We tell you what are the most common errors to children's mealtime.

In accordance with Silvia Alava, television has to disappear from family meals, for three reasons:

1. First of all, it distracts us greatly. There are children who are abducted in front of the television, and they think that the longer they take to eat the better because the more they watch their favorite programs. Therefore, it is better if it disappears. After eating they will already watch television, but it does not have to be turned on during the meal.

2. Second, food must be given the importance it has. When we are eating we ingest a quantity of vitamins, which provide us with health, and they have to see that we value it that way.

3. Third, we must take advantage of lunch or dinner as a good time to talk as a family From each one the issues that may be important to each one, from the things that have happened to us, and if we have the television on, conversations become very difficult.

Learn to eat while playing? Much of the learning that children do in their life can be done by playing, and also learning can be fun and playful. But when they are little they just teaching them that they are going to behave like grown-upsWe already motivate them a lot. A child wants to learn to be older and behave like the grown-ups, and simply by saying, today we are going to learn to use the fork like the grown-ups! With that they feel much more important. If in addition, we reinforce him with an applause or a smile, (it does not have to be with a great prize, we cannot give a chocolate bar every time he does it well because the resource wears out), or you say how good, like a higher! we're going to get a lot.

We can use different strategies and play is among them, but reinforcement and making them feel like they are older are very valid and practically universal, all children will like it.

Children have to learn to eat and parents are responsible for teaching it. They must learn the importance of food, and when we are eating, we do nothing else. Therefore, at mealtime, the television is off and toys in the room (you do not have to bring any toys to the table).

Parents should not bring their phone or be aware of him at the table, because the children are going to copy his reference model. And also with what authority is a parent going to say that the child does not have his toy, if he has his. Food must be given all the importance it has, eliminating distraction elements and favoring, if we are with the family, communication.

How can we be good referees at the table when we have several children rampaging? When we have several children, sometimes one behaves very well and another is cheating, kicking underneath, throwing bread crumbs ... What is the most common mistake made by parents in these situations? Let's stop and observe the children, but also us, what are we doing ?: "Come eat, leave your brother alone, I've told you to eat, that if you continue like this, you're going to have to ..." We are giving full attention to the brother who is misbehaving, who is biting and who is not eating, while the other who is doing great does not receive any attention. Then the child who is getting reinforced is the one who is not behaving correctly at the table.

What to do? Change and make it very clear to our children: "from now on, I will pay attention to the one who is behaving well, and remember what we have said about behaving well: eating well, eating within the established time, not bugging the brother and keep education standards on the table. " Also, use a very serious and forceful non-verbal language. They should know that they are not going to continue around here and they are not going to receive any kind of attention from you. Those who have to come out reinforced are those who behave well, because if not many times we find that those who behave well go to the dark side because they also want attention and that makes them misbehave.

Marisol New. Copywriter

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