5 myths about coffee for kids

Is good or bad drink coffee? Does caffeine negatively affect children's bodies? Is coffee fattening or can children alter? All questions about the consumption of coffee daily and children have an answer, and knowing the truths and lies about it can help us to know whether or not we should give it to children and if it is good to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Drinking coffee is not as bad as they say, since in its intake we find multiple benefits, even for children. The first of these is the fact that it is a natural stimulant of the nervous system, which in its proper measure can contribute to making it work better. It is also good for preventing diseases, since it is a natural antioxidant, the same as with wine.

On the other hand, it is also good to avoid headaches, since it is considered that it can have a great analgesic effect, especially for children, since it can improve concentration and attention.

1. Coffee is addictive: It is not a product that has to be taken over and over again because it causes a great addiction according to nutrition experts. The body gets used to it quickly if it is stopped for other health reasons.

2. Coffee makes you fat: This is a very common myth, but totally false, since what provides calories to the body is milk if it is whole and if we also add large amounts of sugar.

3. Coffee makes us sweat moreAlthough many people think that sports performance is greater if we have a cup of coffee before the gym, this is not true.

4. Pregnant women can't drink coffee: It is evident that a very high caffeine consumption can make the future mother nervous and also the baby who is on the way, so what should be done is a very moderate intake, without being totally prohibited.

5. It is harmful to childrenContrary to what may be thought, children can drink coffee at least in small amounts, since it has properties that can improve their attention and concentration without being altered.

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