Story about generosity. A lettuce is not a dish

Generosity is an essential value that you can teach your child from a young age. Remember that nobody is born being generous, that it is something that is learned. what you should achieve is that your son values ​​generosity as something good that brings him benefits.

To explain why it is good to be generous with others, nothing like stories, fantastic transmitters of values ​​for children. We propose this: 'A lettuce is not a dish'. You can read it and reflect on it with your child.

Matías was eating calmly when suddenly he saw something move on his plate:

There's a worm on my plate! Matías said, making gestures with his hand as if to scare it away. The worm first looked at the plate, then looked at Matías and then said:

- Glup! It seems I was wrong. This is not a lettuce leaf.

When his fear subsided a little, Matías, who was very curious, came over to observe Don Gusano very well.

- Wow! He thought. Not only is its colors quite strange and beautiful, but it also has many little legs. He must be disoriented.

"Not disoriented, just a little blind," the worm corrected, "but in a voice so low that no one heard him.

For a moment the little worm stopped its march, bent its green back and looked at Matías with its tiny eyes like a lost worm.

They each smiled in their own way. Matías, then, brought a lettuce leaf, which with Mom he took out of the refrigerator.

He loaded it on her and carried her into the garden. Don Gusano felt the air and was happy.

Meanwhile, Matías looked at him with amusement.

Step by step the worm lost itself among the roses with a good bite of lettuce between its jaws.

But yes, unseasoned lettuce!


Story of Patricia Cortondo (Argentina)

Find out if your child understood the story and take the opportunity to reflect with him on the value of generosity. You can help yourself with these questions:

- What did Matías find on his plate?

- What happened to the worm?

- What did Matías decide to give him?

- How did the worm feel about Matías's gift?

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