Benefits of video games to treat childhood disorders

Benefits of video games to treat childhood disorders

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There are many parents who think that video game They are not good for children, but if the indicated video game is used, the results in the little ones are usually optimal. Another factor that influences when assessing whether or not a video game is beneficial for a child is the time spent in front of a screen, since playing a while is positive, therapeutic and funBut when nothing else is done, problems start.

It cannot be denied that it is the favorite pastime of most children, and the video game industry has evolved so much and in so many fields, that it is a therapeutic tool in some cases since helps children to reason, make decisions, orient themselves, to improve your attention span or your coordination.

We explain what the benefits of video games to treat childhood disorders.

Currently there are many video games for children that include the option online or multiplayer between their modes of play, something that helps and in what way children with socialization problems, since they can interact with another child with the same tastes, without 'showing their faces' and from the comfort of the sofa at home. It is something that is difficult for parents to understand, but really through this type of video games you can create true bonds of friendship, promoting teamwork and loyalty.

If your child suffers from attention deficit, video games can also be a positive 'weapon' for the child to get focus in a specific activity, but you have to be careful with overexposure to video games in children with these types of problems, since they can generate a reverse effect to the desired one.

Parents with children with motor or vision problems They can also find in video games the perfect ally to help their children to gradually work their skills until, in many cases, the problem disappears completely. For example, first person shooter games help improve lazy eye. The new peripherals of the current game consoles will encourage children to have to move in a coordinated way to advance in the games.

In the children with autism Video games can also act in a positive way, as long as the video game does not contain explicit violence or is a role-playing game since it will promote a challenging attitude in the child, with behavior problems, hyperactivity and hostility. Whereas if the video game is educational or sports genre, it is shown that their behavior becomes calmer and more submissive.

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