Signs that the child may be an adult psychopath

Signs that the child may be an adult psychopath

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There are children who from their earliest childhood show certain personality traits that point to psychopathy. It may seem strange to associate a cute and cuddly child with the word psychopath, and yet science has shown us that people diagnosed as psychopaths they begin to manifest traits related to this disorder from a very early age.

It is also logical to think that a person does not get up one good day being a psychopath, since childhood there are traits that point to this personality disorder. These are the signs that the child may be an adult psychopath.

You don't believe that a child can be a psychopath until you have one in front of you. Unfortunately I got to know a child who, despite the teachers' recommendations to the parents and their efforts to take him to various specialists, still had a natural tendency to do wrong. It was different, never before and never after have I seen anything like it. Even today I feel chills when I see pictures of him, his gaze, his eyes, paralyze you.

But, let's get to the heart of the matter ... What is psychopathy? Psychopathy is an antisocial personality disorder and the most remarkable characteristic of these people is the lack of feelings of affection or guilt. They are people who move out of their own interest, they do not feel empathy, compassion, tenderness, friendship or solidarity. They usually manifest all their pathology within the family. Not all psychopaths are criminals, but we do find some of the most famous criminals who were psychopaths: Josef Mengele, Charles Manson or the killer of the Zodiac.

There are some signs that the child may be a psychopath when he reaches adulthood:

1. Animal cruelty: is one of the signs described by J.M. Macdonald that define a psychopath. They are children who show a cruel way of interacting with animals even though they know that it is not okay to throw stones at birds, pull the cat's tail or shake the dog's leash until it hurts. They behave violently towards animals and even kill them and, in the process, they enjoy it. If a child does this bullshit once, you explain that it is not right and he does not repeat it again, there is nothing to fear. However, if he persists in his attitude of causing harm to defenseless animals, you should intervene and explain the case to a psychologist.

2. Pyromania: it is a way for some children to express their anger or to challenge their reference adults. For a child to be diagnosed as an arsonist, they must have deliberately set something on fire repeatedly. His attraction to fire has to be demonstrated and even his satisfaction and lack of concern after provoking it.

3. Skipping the rules: when we are little we have all broken the rules at some point, ultimately childhood is a time of discovery and putting oneself to the test. However, the difference between a child without psychopathic traits and one who does have them is that the latter derives joy and satisfaction from breaking the rules. You get an adrenaline rush and this leads you to persist in this constant violation of the rules.

4. Lack of empathy: The child psychopath is incapable of feeling what other children feel, he will not show pity if he sees another child fall, nor will he feel compassion for that child who is insulted, he will not frown if he sees that you are stressed, nor does he ever seem to put himself in it place of the other.

5. Lying without remorse: there are many children who lie for fear of being punished and this is totally normal. But when a child lies simply for the pleasure of lying and does not feel remorse for the consequences of the lies he tells, it is a reason to worry.

6. Great power of manipulation: the child who can be an adult psychopath is capable of knowing how to deal with people so that they do what he wants, he knows how to manipulate and is a great connoisseur of the techniques to use to make anyone believe what is necessary for personal gain. What's more, back to empathy again, he doesn't care at all what impact this has on the other person's feelings.

7. Insensitivity: They are children who, whatever happens, seem to be oblivious to emotions. Fear, worry, or compassion are not part of your emotional repertoire.

8. Bullying: not all bullies are future psychopaths, it would be missing more. But if the child is capable of humiliating another child just by enjoying watching another person suffer; If he is capable of sending other children to hit or insult a third party to avoid punishment and, if once this attitude is detected, we talk to him and it persists as a pattern of behavior, we must be alert.

9. NarcissismThey are children who see themselves as more skilled, more powerful, of course, more intelligent and much more capable than any other child. They are children who believe that the world revolves around them.

The first thing we must do is not look the other way and not deny the possibility that the child suffers from a personality disorder. Psychopaths don't just appear, from one day to the next.

It arises both from children who have not been cared for with affection or who have grown up in a violent environment and from a disorder suffered by certain people who are already born with it. And it is that, some studies affirm that the brain of the psychopaths is different from that of the rest of the people.

Regardless of the origin of psychopathy in a child, it is the parents' responsibility to take care of the physical and mental health of our children and, whenever we see some kind of deviation, we must consult a specialist to be able to treat the problem.

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