Saint Anastasia Day, April 18. Names for girls

Anastasia is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means "to get up again", which advances some of the strength of character that this name imprints on any girl.

It is a name that is not very frequent, but it is highly valued by those parents who like musical names, attractive, noble and reminiscent of times gone by. He celebrates his name day on April 15, which is Saint Anastasia's day.

Due to the meaning of her name, Anastasia has a particular strength to face adversity. Intelligent, intuitive and sure of herself, Anastasia combines qualities as diverse as delicacy and courage or sweetness and bravery. Due to her dynamic character and her enigmatic halo, Anastasia is a natural seductress, but she is not afraid of taking on responsibilities and commitments in order to guarantee the well-being of her loved ones.

The name Anastasia is known in all languages. It is not an especially frequent name, if perhaps we observe a greater popularity in the Slavic countries, from where real and literary figures of incredible women come to us who help to revitalize the name of your daughter. Because Anastasia sounds like the Russian tsarist, a beautiful and intelligent woman and, above all, a charisma without equal.

Thus, we meet women of the stature of the American singer Anastacia, who triumphs all over the world with her music. Although more legend surrounds Anastasia Nikoláyevna, daughter of the last Tsar of Imperial Russia, for having lived the intrigues of the time with Rasputin as a key figure in her environment.

But it is in fiction where we find more characters who bear the name of your daughter and who make him one of the most attractive names today. The little ones enjoyed the Disney movie "Anastasia", while the legendary Ingrid Bergman received an Oscar in 1956 for her role in "Anastasia". More topical, we look at the protagonist of "50 Shades of Gray", Anastasia Steele.

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