How to earn the trust of children

How to earn the trust of children

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It's very important that relationships between parents and children are based on trust and respect. And curiously, it is the children's trust towards their parents that motivates greater respect for them. But trust doesn't come simply from being a member of the same family. Trust must be earned.

Pay attention to this series of tips. We explain how to earn the trust of children and incidentally improve communication and bond with them.

Children's trust is achieved with patience. In fact, it costs a lot to earn it and very little to lose it. Therefore, we must be persistent. Trust, along with respect, are the foundation of a strong, warm and healthy relationship. And this is the way to get your child to feel more confidence towards you:

1. Respect their emotions. Acknowledge your emotions first and try to acknowledge theirs. Yes, this is it, use empathy. In this way an emotional respect is produced. Remember that empathy is the emotional foundation of personal relationships.

2. Do not devalue their things. All your fears, your fears, your projects ... they are all important. Don't downplay their concerns. This way they will feel that you respect them.

3. Talk to him with respect. Words are powerful, they can be very harmful. Don't use words as a weapon. Use them in a positive way to show your confidence towards him.

4. Ask for his opinion. This will make you important, you will feel useful. Ask him to tell you, to speak, tell him to help you. That feels useful. That you feel like an important part of the family.

5. Respect their space. We all need privacy. He also needs his space. It is important that your daughter feels that you are not invading her space. What you should do is get your son to let you, by his own decision, that you can enter your space. It will be an important step that indicates that yes, your child trusts you.

6. Flatter your child. Give him compliments and love in abundance. Let him feel that you really love him. All children need to feel loved.

7. Challenge him. The challenge formula is very simple: goal plus effort. That they have a clear objective and that they strive to achieve it. In this way, you will generate self-confidence and trust between you and your child.

8. Give him freedom. Understanding freedom as that ability to make decisions. Decision-making on the one hand will make them succeed and others will make them wrong. In this way they will learn from their own mistakes and will also understand that their parents are by their side in their successes and mistakes.

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